I have a few reasons why I want to dedicate this page to the CCTV camera and security issues in general. It is because I recently had a question in my mind regarding CCTV camera technology and implementation. It all came about when I was staying in a hotel in Germany last year.

This hotel had decided to implement an energy saving system that automatically turned off the lights in the hotel corridors at night. I don't know about you, but I personally want my hotel corridor to be lighted 24 hours a day. I don't care if you are using infrared cameras but I enjoy light because it makes me feel more secure. I am not afraid of the dark but I am concerned about staying in remote locations that are dark. I made the following video just to prove that I am trying to be balanced about monitoring because we could also go too far with this. Of course I do not want a CCTV Camera in the Hotel Room.


I also want a security guard monitoring the CCTV system in the Guard Room and not a motion detector that triggers an alarm to wake someone up when there is a possible security issue. I was paying about Euro 200 per night for sub standard accomodation and I honestly felt that the owner of the hotel who had implemented the automatic energy saving system (which turns off all the lights at night when motion is not detected) was penny pinching and using the popularity of Energy Conservation to put my security at risk. When people don't want to invest in other people's security  It makes me wonder if they are also trying to save too much money on the fire alarm system which is another subject but also related to my security.

                infrared camera  

                              WHY I WANTED CCTV CAMERAS            

The reason why I wanted the standard CCTV camera that works with normal light is because I did not trust the hotel owner and it is only because I did not know him. He could of been anyone. Plus the fact that this man always wanted to show what a good person he is and that always make me suspicious about people. If someone is really good, he does not need to keep reminding others about it. Good people simply are good and make no excuses for it. I wanted the lights on in all the corridors 24/7. I wanted people outside to see what is happening in the hotel through the windows. I don't want the lights to turn off to save energy, even if they have motion detectors and infrared cameras. No! I want to feel safe with the lights on everywhere so that I have the added protection of people outside who can see what is going on at night and call the police if necessary. Since I was paying a decent amount of money for a hotel room I believe that I deserve this as a minimum.

                 close circuit tv camera

                      I want to have the lights on with CCTV Cameras!

I am not saying that this should be done in every type of building but I feel that hotels are a place where you have a lot of people staying in the same area and hotels need to be responsible as possible for their guest's well-being and safety since people normally don't know who all the other guests are.

                 cctv office

I believe if someone is selling a CCTV system, whether it be for a home, an office, a general building or some kind of factory that there will be different reasons why the security system is necessary but I am wondering about hotel owners who want to turn off all the lights automatically at night if you are actually making your clients feel safer? I certainly don't feel safe and I would rather pay more for a hotel that did make me feel comfortable.