Who on earth wants to know about how to carry a bag? Oh by the way- you need to see how people carry this Laptop Bag before you continue. OK- back to the bag!  Surely you know how to do it? Unfortunately some people don't and the problem stems from the fact that they have no idea what a bag actually is. Yes! A bag is a displeasing woman and if you are a man, you might be looking for better ways to put up with the weight she continually lays on your shoulders. If you are not careful, you might end up stressed which could affect your nervous system to the point where your meridians are not responding normally and you start looking for relief from an acupuncture specialist. I might be able to solve your problem because I have met hard cases in the past and know that if it gets to the point where you need legal advice it can become very difficult, especially if your bag is foreign because  then you have the added problem of not knowing exactly what you will pay to keep your bag happy when your bag finally leaves you since exchange rates are always changing. Yes! If your bag has already packed her bags and is making it obvious to you it means that you did not know how to carry her. Maybe it is the other way around and you are leaving your bag. These days it has become too easy for people to leave their bag. You only have to listen to the following presentation which actually is actually a form of  teaching but most people are not going to accept that. They think that we learn everything in school. That is where people are wrong. We are bombarded every day with messages from various forms of media. Just take some time and listen to what this message is saying. I don't want anyone to follow  the singer's advice because this page is a resource to learn how to carry your bag and not recommending that you leave your bag. Since we must be open minded and give everyone a chance to state their opinions we should watch Simon and ask ourselves if it is the right way to solve the bag problem.



What is the solution? Well, first of all we must stop thinking of her as a bag but as a person. Listen to what Simon called her because he did not say "50 ways to leave your bag!" ...No! He said "50 ways to leave your lo..... (listen carefully for that word starts with an "L") Yes! that "L" word used to be real to you both but something happened. These days it is not easy for people to stay together because there are so many pressures on all of us. Some of us are expected to carry far more than we can take. Instead of trying to carry something you need to release it once and a while. Yes! To give it more space and be patient. Don't make rash decisions that you may regret for the rest of your life. Don't make a new plan Stan! No! That is new age nonsense and the worst advice that anyone could give you. Something else you need to remember is that it is the little things that we do for each other and not the big things that make the "L" word real to us. Do you remember what you said long ago to this person? Maybe you don't feel that you have "L" anymore and if that is so then maybe waiting a bit longer and asking the question that Howard presents us with might just give us enough time to pause and handle  the situation a little better. Take a few minutes and hopefully listening to Jones might take some of the weight away because the problem you are facing is nothing new and others have been wondering the same things. Whatever you do, don't think it is a bag you are carrying.. No.. it is someone special who you said the "L" word to long ago. Maybe you don't know what "L" means and that is OK because Howard probably gave this to us for a certain time in our life where we are questioning everything.


If you have spent time thinking about a better way to handle the situation and you have finally decided that "L" depends on you making the first move and instead of closing up you instead open up, then you can always do something small for her. Maybe a new designer bag will brighten her day and if it is the other way around you can always get a decent laptop bag to help him work properly when he is on the move. Whatever you do, you should not forget that everyone needs a bag but does not want to have a label like "old bag" and so we must choose our words more wisely when referring about people to others.

We all have our own luggage to carry and maybe kindness and nice gestures that are genuine will lessen the load. 

You see it is so easy for anyone to get too busy to remember what really is important in the long run. Some person said to me once that it is not the quantity of time that you spend with others that determines whether something is original or fake. No! A knock off only thinks about quantity (kind of like low cost mass production ) while an original is more concerned with quality.  There is a huge difference between the two and I hope that this has definitely brightened your day and that you have decided to think about whether or not it is actually a bag you are carrying or something much nicer.

If you found this helpful, then I have another message but it is about whether or not you own the content of your contributions on the net. Do you own your own bag and it's contents? We are allowed to speak metaphorically which each other on the internet because it is natural to do that in real life by saying things like "you have a weight on your shoulders" but the question is are you carrying your own financial weight or are you carrying someone elses?  Please watch the video if you think I am a helpful person and then go to my homepage and learn about ownership of your own property on the internet.