More than 99% of people who come to this website are mostly likely never  going to rank for the keywords that are important to you in Google. If you do not spend enough time trying to find what is actually useful on this site then you will probably never make it. I am using a perfectly legal method to entice people to spend more time here and you need to find out what it actually is. It is part of a new algorithm being used with cookies in your browser and no wonder the European Commission is investigating issues concerning tracking software. Of course, you would not know about what actually is going on until you visit the previous link to find out just how serious this really is. Some say internet cookies are harmless- but who is spreading those messages except the people who use cookie technology themselves? Why do people bother spending time justifying the use of data mining tracking software? Are internet cookies harmless? How can they be harmless if they are going to be used as part of an internet ranking system? Haha! Did you hear me correctly? Do you know that already there are clever people designing robots to surf the web to add relevancy to their websites by imitating real users from multiple IP addresses and they are working by stealth and remain undetected. Have you ever wondered why your site statistics  Why do you think that large companies involved in search now covet your cell phone number? They are desperate to know who is human and who is robot. I am also concerned why robot servers are continually snooping on my website trying to use information they gather to increase their own site rankings concerning dish washing liquid. Yes! This particular robot was caught by none other than whois bid! How? Well, you need to start learning how to analyze your website statistics and filtering out what is human and what is robot. You can also learn from those who use automation to snoop on you. Yes! You find out what is valuable to them and why they are spending enormous amounts of money to see what you are up to.


If you don't believe me then go away from this website and add to Wikipedia's relevancy on the matter. I don't want you to do that, but I am so generous to wikipedia that I am going to give them this cookie link . You can spend a few hours on Wikipedia and find out what is actually going on. If you don't understand it I will explain it to you in non technical terms. Most people are being tracked and they are not aware of it. Yes! You will find some document somewhere on the respectable websites giving the technical explanation on how to "opt out" but who is going to visit those pages and really do the proper research? There is something called "getting to the point" but we all know that truth can be hidden by using too many words that people don't understand. If you like those kinds of things then you might want to think about becoming a lawyer and joining a top New York Law Firm. Would it not be better to have a banner saying "We are following your activities" and please be aware we are doing it for our own advantage. Of course, we are being told it is to "personalize" our experience but how many of you actually want that? Do you want others to know where you go on the internet, how much time you spend on particular sites and so on? Why I am I diverting from the title "How to get first position on search engines?" I am not actually diverting at all. If you care to think deeply about these matters then you will understand what you are actually up against. We are told by experts that websites need to contain original content and this is precisely what is happening here. You probably won't find many people discussing these matters in a way that a wider audience can understand. Yes! The truth is actually out there on the internet but we need someone to condense it into an easily readable format. What kind of people are reading this? I can tell you from my demographic research that it is mostly people who have gone through higher education. I don't expect your normal Joe to benefit from this site but it might be possible that some people who believe what I am saying will benefit from my simple videos. Your business is the most important thing to you on the internet isn't it"? If that is the case, then you need to think carefully about how to increase the power of your own domain name. How are you going to do that? Well, this site is all about domain name value and anyone who takes me seriously and starts investigating will come to a realization that there are so many programs and plugins (social networks) that are actually undermining your website value. Many years ago people used to say "Come to my Website" and now people are caught up in a social network cult and saying something else. They are saying "Come to my Twitter Channel- Come to my Facebook" and so the trend is now to steer people away from your own domain and send them somewhere else. The following media presentation is meant to give people a message about a need to return to domain name value and website worth. If you actually follow that last link and use the website worth checkers then most of you are going to see how your site is not worth very much. This is because your site value is being undermined by social network distractions. Watch the video presentation and soak it up! It is meant to be a little bit hypnotic so that people will not forget the message.


I am not saying your business will fail. I am saying that you will not be able to take full advantage of free advertising coming to your site that comes through good ranking. Being ranked well is actually free advertising. Yes! It is zero budget marketing for some of us. I am not paying anyone to link to this site. Anyone linking to me is doing it organically but you need to know that this could only happen if you are listening to an expert blogger. Huh? Yes! If you know how to follow link trails then you will see that the first people who truly linked to me and gave me and kind of link power were expert bloggers. This is because they understand something that a selfish internet community does not understand. Why does this community not understand?  You will not know the answer to this by simply reading one page of my website. You will need to come back here and find the pages where I have hidden clues on how to succeed on the internet. I am now beginning to succeed on the internet with this website after six months. I am nowhere near where I want to be but you should know what to expect when you embark on producing a site in the current times. I am giving you valuable information on what to expect in visits and page views after one month, two months and almost three months. Do you want to take a peek? I am fully aware that most people do not have the ability to concentrate on search engine optimization for long. How are we going to teach others to concentrate harder? The way forward is to encourage people to see their progress. There is no point for some old website or old blog to give us information on how to make a new and successful website in 2011,2012,2013,2014 and 2015. This is because those social network websites are not speaking from the correct platform. Their opinions on not based on science and evidence. Most of these people give us no seo evidence to view and their sole purpose is to attract controversy so that they will increase visitors and page views to their site. That could be a reason starting a blog and if you follow that last link I just gave you should absorb the information I have provided and then do a scan of those blogs. You are going to find out that most of them are built solely for the purpose of manipulating people. It is all to do with money and you will not discover how they are actually doing it unless you spend time investigating this website. All scientific experiments have methods, results and a conclusion. People are being forced to come to conclusions about how to rank in Google or other search engines without first having conducting their own real investigation into the matters. Please understand that if services are offering ways to get to the top of Google and everyone is using them, then how on earth can everyone be on the first page of Google? This idea is ridiculous! In the next video you will see that search engines (from the statistics I provide) treat new websites horribly in the current times, even unique websites. This site is 100% unique content. I have not 

copied images or scraped websites and in the beginning I was treated harshly by Google Adsense who rejected my request for an account. I had to request 3 times to get a google adsense account before I got approved. What I did to get approval was to upload something on the first page of my website with a unique cartoon showing people selling search engine positioning services for two hundred dollars and advising them not to use these services. I was sent an email by Google Adsense (don't know if it was a bot or human who did this) that my website was "inappropriate content" but I personally could not see how on earth this site is inappropriate! I have purposely left out any google advertising on this page because I fear that I am going to be accused of giving people inappropriate information. So, the space on the left is filled with stuff from Twitter. I guess that everytime I embed a Twitter widget in this site. You don't need to follow me on Twitter to see what is going on with whoisbid. You only need to come to my website to see it. Hint Hint!


Of course there are other sites which help people to know how to get to the top of google but you are in a good place right now because I have no reason to exploit you except for the fact that I intend to increase website value but the value increase should be to my own site and not a social network channel or even a search engine which in reality have to operate on other people's websites.

As for this site. I need to tell you that it has been crafted in such a way that you cannot find the answer in one page. It is a technique and you need to realize what I am doing. The realization will help you understand why some websites you visit do not give you an answer immediately. If I was to give you a list of ten things you need to do (which I could) then I would be devaluing my own website. The question we need to ask is "Why do I need to increase my Domain Name Value?" The answer is in the next video. Once you understand the implications of putting your own content elsewhere from a business perspective then intelligence will tell you how people's internet property is being devalued.


I am getting impatient with many people and so listen very carefully to what I am saying. I did not say that you will not rank for the keywords "you" want. No! I said that you are "most likely" never going to rank for those keyphrases that are going to boost your website traffic to a point where you have reached something which I call the "point of no return" Yes! If you ever manage to put enough content on your websites and get enough decent relevant backlinks with page rank you are going to create something explosive but you must understand that once you are in that position you are going to face another hurdle. This hurdle will prevent you from becoming more popular. Let's say in simple terms that your website cannot grow anymore and that is because an algorithm is most likely preventing you. Only people who have built explosive powered websites and have been updating them for several years will know what I am talking about. There is something that all of us need to consider if search engines are controlling website popularity through search. What is it? You need to watch the next video. It is about the power of a domain name. Get a powerful domain name that people can easily remember and try to get as many people curious about your domain so that they visit your site independently from searching for products and services. Spend time promoting your domain name. Whatever you do on social networks you should tell people that the rest of the story or the goodies are on your own website and not somewhere else. Do not say "You can find us on Twitter, Yahoo, Google, Facebook or whatever. You must tell people to visit your website to get something. Why should people visit who is bid? It is because by coming here you will be getting unique content found nowhere else. You will find tips and tricks to help you increase your own website visibility and ultimately your own business.


Here is something new for many people. It is the question of "How many people are searching for your domain name and website?" It is not "How many people are searching for products and services that relate to my website?" No! It is about your domain name popularity. I am going to show you a domain and website which I am very impressed with. I can see that many people are going to this website because they remembered the domain name and what kind of things it provides. Whoever is building this site really knows what they are doing. In my opinion, this kind of site is going to survive search engine algorithms because people will visit that site independently of search engines. Some people are going to say that their products and services do not allow them to make such websites. That could be true, however- you might want to consider building such a website and then having your own products and services highlighted in certain areas of the site. This is going to take some time if you just started out. Why do you think so many people are now after what is called "Premium Domains?" People need premium domains because some of those domains already have visitors and people go there for that reason. Yes! They remembered that website and folks go to websites now and again because they are curious to know how the website is doing. I have such websites that I go to check now and again, don't you? You want to know what they are up to! 

OK. I have answered part of the question for you about how to rank in Google. Of course it is a good thing to rank in Google but don't forget that our aim (although very high) is to compete with Google because we want our own popularity and don't want our popularity to depend on what a search engine algorithm has decided for our rank. 

Do you remember who is bid? Will you forget me? I hope some people won't and you will come back here from time to time to see how I am doing. By all means do a google search for The more people who do this, the better it is for me.