Why is HubPages great?  First of all I want to tell you that this site has a Hub on HubPages and the following statistics will tell you that people are finding my website through HubPages. That happened in the beginning when I wrote this page but now everything has changed. Opinions can change over time and now I have written about "Why I dislike Hubpages"

OK- Here is the old stuff. Read it if you want. This is very important for me because it means that HubPages is valuable. It is very important for webmasters to read their web statistics because these stats tell you who is sending traffic your way and who is not. You will be able to see which bogs send you most traffic. You should support Blogs that help you and stay away from those that hinder you.

google vs hubpages

The image is from one of the site statistics programs that I used called the Webalizer. Although the Webalizer is not the only statistics program I am using it is definitely useful for people who want a very quick overview of what is actually going on. I need to tell you first off that this site you are viewing right now is a 100% original content site. There is nothing copied here and the Google Panda Update is not helping me at all. In fact, things are getting worse. My conclusions are that the Google Panda Update is one big technical failure for Google and probably the worst thing that I have ever seen them do because it seems that it is actually working against original websites. I don't know how Google manage to fail and you will have to ask their experts yourselves. I am trust them less and less right now. One thing that is NOT failing is HubPages. Take a look at the figures for HubPages above. Do you notice that they are more important than Google spiders for a new website? The google spiders are a joke for new sites. They are coming less frequently than before despite the fact that this site is continually uploading unique and original content. Why is that happening? Maybe Google experts will tell you that there is something wrong with your site structure. Oh, if there is something wrong with site structure Google- then site structure is more important than original content. I am tired of these arguments and don't want to play some silly game. I want to continue making original content and finding good places to help support my site. Of course if you are going to blog then you must understand that you are helping that blog site become more popular as well. This is fine if they are giving us something in return. HubPages is helping this site and so I think that they are great!

I would like to stop for a while and pay tribute to the Webalizer program which allows me to see who is really helping this site. The creator of the Webalizer is also great. Give his website a link from your website if you have been using his program. Surely the Webalizer deserves our link.


I hope that this is enough reason for Webmasters to get an account with HubPages and start supporting them by uploading your unique content. You can leave a link to your site on the profile page of your account. If you put a decent amount of effort into your work (maybe 5-10 good content Hubs) then it will be of great benefit to you. Remember to interact with me and other Hubbers when you get there because it will help you get even more exposure. Statistical evidence speaks for itself, doesn't it? I hope I have convinced you to join Hubages. This woman is extremely helpful on HubPages. Watch her video!


Some people might be curious about the Panda Update from Google and so I am going to leave you with a hilarious video. It seems that the update has been targeting a lot of tech websites and not just content farms. Many of us believe Google need to fix some problems with this new algorithm because there are sites with original content that are not being helped at all.