I have been looking for an indestructible laptop but they don't exist. I have been through so many laptops that it is not even funny. I know about the almost indestructible laptop case but I will mention that later.


They all break easily with people like me. When I go to buy a laptop these days, I could not really care less about the specification, as long as it is powerful enough to use the software programs that I need. I personally view all laptops as flimsy devices. There is nothing special to me about any laptop in the market. They are mass produced and manufacturers are in a price war and so the designs need to be cheapened. Am I being unreasonable? When I go to a shop (I like real computer shops) the salesman does not have to say anything to me, although they cannot help it and I do not blame them. They don't normally know that I simply want to handle the laptop and guess how long it might last this time. That is because they have no idea who I am and why I need to keep buying laptops. In fact, most people trying to sell something to me have a hard time doing it because I actually take an interest in what they are doing. You will find very often that people who sell products don't even know what they are selling. These people need to do homework so that they will be able to battle with difficult clients who have special needs. They need proper sales training which spurs them on to continue doing homework. People who hated school must not imagine that homework is something of the past. By the way the next image is a large laptop case/bag that can fit all my laptops if I need to travel with them all. The case dimensions are the maximum that is allowed on an international flight. Normally I only travel with two laptops.

                  multiple laptops

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Someone might ask me what specifications I require for my dream laptop but you won't able to supply me that kind of product because it would probably not be popular with everyone.  I want one that is made out of titanium alloy. I don't want part of it made out of titanium. No! I want the whole damn thing including the keyboard. I would also like the internals to be 100% shock proof , drop proof and water proof to 10M. In addition, it must be able to withstand a constant outside temperature of at least 60 degrees celsius and will not fail after being exposed to 10 hours of direct desert sunlight when opened. The manufacturer must also guarantee that it will last for at least 5 years and have a new one ready for me within 24 hours if something goes wrong with the existing one. No-one is making that product for me and until that time I will view all laptops as cheap devices no matter how trendy they look. However, I have found something that I have used in the past to protect delicate electronics which might solve the problem if you are going to transport your laptop. It is called a Pelican Case. These folks make laptop cases too and they really are indestructible. I am not even in the laptop case business but someone in the Pelican factory took note of me and had their agent go out of the way to give me something to remember them by. Are you curious to know what it was? If so, take a look at indestructible laptop cases.

                 small laptop bag

I am a MacBook freak and have been converted to the apple religion and I love their older version MacBook. I don't want their new models. I now go out of my way to buy the same white colored Macbook. The reason is that I now trust this device. I am afraid to switch to something else.  Of course I don't expect Apple to bend over for people like me but I forgive them since my habits and views on these things most likely do not represent the general trend. Maybe someone else is like me? The only way to find out is to write about it here! If you are a laptop salesman trying to sell me some other brand of laptop you will be wasting your time. Don't you understand how many problems laptops have caused me over the years and the fact that they all break and fail too quickly. I have finally found something that works for me and am not about to change  no matter how cool your website looks or what female model you will using to tempt me. No! I am an Apple disciple now and everyone reading this needs to forget about buying anything else than Apple Computers! If you want to go your own way it is fine with me but please leave me alone with Apple Computers and don't try any tricks because I won't listen to you! People like things because they like things..LOL! Some people like Brett Domino from the UK. If you see the smaller video on the left and the music video below you might be able to figure out that they are both using a Trabasack laptop bag which I have described as a hybrid. You have to watch the video to see what I mean. Take a look at what he is using the bag for.



If I can't get a laptop that will last forever (or at least 5 years) then I can think about the best that is on offer. What I liked about the Apple MacBooks that I have bought is that everything seems modular. In the past I have been really frustrated with other brands because of adaptor problems. Yes! I lose adaptors every month! I have so many adaptors for cameras, mobile phones, music players and every conceivable type of electronic device that is now part of everyone's home. It would be great if the world moved toward universal adaptors and connectors but the last I heard from a robotic engineer was that making hundreds of thousands of different types of connections is a lucrative business i.e. why should I design a product that can use a standard connector when I can make more money badging my own and forcing the consumer to buy from me? Well, so far Apple have impressed me because I have managed to buy several adaptors for the MacBooks I am using. I don't want the standard offer of one power supply cable /transformer. No! I want some some spares lying around the house just in case I lose a few now and again. I also like the fact that I can buy several MacBooks and use one as a main laptop computer and the other as a backup. Maybe that seems ridiculous to someone who is going to recommend a backup disk but to me it is logical to have two laptops or even three. With 3 laptops I have something called Triple Redundancy and don't have to waste time fooling with accessories designed to help me when my only laptop crashes, gets lost or is destroyed by violent usage. Sometime soon I need to find out how to sync MacBooks with each other but I have been busy and if there is a website that can show me how to do it in 120 seconds then you can leave a link for me- Thank you very much if you do!

                   laptop redundancy

Maybe someone does not understand my needs so I will explain them graphically. Here are 3 MacBooks. I want to use any of them at any time and when they are all turned on at the same time they will sync with each other. I am sure it is possible but I am wondering if this can be done easily. In fact can it be done without me have to do anything? If I increase the number of laptops and this could be done, then I could have even more than triple redundancy. Surely Apple would enjoy the idea of their faithful users wanting 3 or 4 laptops in the same models for one user? Well, if I ever find out, maybe I will write about it. You see I am fed up with laptop manufacturers who always make inferior products. Apple at the moment is in my good books so don't imagine I am being negative at all. I have been going though laptops far too frequently over the past few years. I am sick and tired of the way that most of them are far too sensitive and delicate to handle. Show me something great that is built like Fort Knox and I will sing your praises for free!

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There are lots of ways to carry a laptop but there are no other bags that give protection but can also be used as a lapdesk too. In this respect Trabasack is unique.

Trabasack has a firm tray side that you can use to work on. It also has a bean bag in a pocket that rests comfortably on your knees. The bean bag and tray surface protects your laptop or tablet computer from knocks and bumps.

It is very robustly made from tough materials and comes with a 1yr no-quibble guarantee. Buy now at We ship worldwide.

If you would like more information about using trabasack as a laptop tray and bag we have a useful page at

We were encouraged to know that Doug Richard uses a trabasack on his lap with his Sony VAIO netbook. We attended a conference in Sheffield where Doug presented a two day course.