Take a look at the unique image on the left. How are you going to categorize it? What is it about? Is it gold? Is it diamonds? Think hard about it. What is your first impression. Be honest! Maybe you don't know what to think? Well, one way for you to find out about it is to put your mouse over it and right click to see the image name. The next video is an example of a mouse on Ben Nevis Summit. If you put that particular mouse over the object/objects in the image, will you discover what it is about? The tag for the image is controlling our perception in some ways because it is not asking us to pay attention to gold or diamonds but something to do with angles and bending.


The image has a description which says "refractive index" but actually this page has little to do with Snell's law. I just used a very popular online resource that is trust by millions to see what they had to say about the refractive index. The initial description given could be misleading. Why? It is because it is relating "theta 1" incident angles more toward optics than ultrasound and maybe I have discovered that ultrasound is just as important than optics and I feel that there should not be a bias toward the power of light over sound. Can you see that the people who wrote that informational page have put a bias on light? Why did they do this? Is it possible to change it? Yes it is if you have several hundred people employed to make sure that the free online resource is always biased toward a particular technology.  By the way, the mouse that you used to scroll over the image might be using optics. But let's talk about ultrasound because maybe I am reversing my car as I produce this page and I don't want to crash into the wall behind me as I am dictating this unique text using a voice (sound) recognition system.  I wonder if my Nissan Car is using a range sensor similar to the technology used by the robot in the video below. Someone can always tell me by interacting with this page since it is Web 2.0 friendly.


OK, what is the point of this? The question is how are people going to sell something to those who are not looking for their products? Huh? Yeh! There are plenty of people who do not search for certain goods and services but if they had a chance to know about it (especially if they were unique products/services) then there might be a chance that they will buy them. They could be watching mountain videos or scary movies. It does not really matter because traditional advertising allows sponsors to advertise almost anywhere and it does not have to be relevant to the topic.  If people don't believe this then why do advertisers try to sell instant custard or electrolyte drinks in the middle of the science fiction movie you are watching?


Certain experts are telling many of us to focus our sites on a particular topic but I personally see a huge flaw in this system. That system works quite well for specialist items i.e. if someone is looking for a "range sensor" manufacturer or supplier they will most likely search for it. You won't normally see those range sensor suppliers advertising on video game blogs and that is understandable. However what if I am selling something that almost everyone can buy? Do I want my site to be indexed and forget about ways of advertising to a wider audience? Do I expect this wide audience to search for my product? I am giving answers but simply jewels for thought. Yes! Jewels also look great in the light, don't they?

                                        CRITICAL MASS


What does critical mass have to do with marketing? It is not related to the Critical Mass individuals shown in the above video. Do you know about them? If not, you do now! Well, maybe they do have something to do with critical mass because they are getting noticed. Take a look at a certain web definition of "critical mass" on the 
Princeton edu site.

If you did actually bother to see their definition you will know that in order to sustain your business you might have to do everything you can to reach critical mass. How are you going to do this? Are you going to take a passive approach and wait for people to find you? Do you only want to be known by people in the same industry? The web is currently trying to index sites and pages and make them "related" to certain things and sometimes you are going to be bunched together with your competitors. You are going to be classified and indexed with them. Maybe you don't want that. Maybe you want to be that mouse on the top of the mountain in the first video. How are you going to do that? Maybe you can start with zero dollar marketing.