I wonder how many people have dedicated a page on their website to the Indian SEO? I am not talking about someone whose ethnic background is Indian and who lives in Europe or the United States. No! I am talking about the Indian SEO from India, in India. I am sure that an SEO from India some time in the future is going to cross my path. I welcome you to make comments about some of the things I am thinking about in regards to outsourcing SEO services to India. 

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              People are looking for you in London but you are in India


                                 SOUGHT AFTER KEYPHRASE

If you are an Indian SEO you might know that people are looking for you. How do I know this and how could I prove it within the next 30 seconds? All we have to do is perform a search for "Indian SEO" and very quickly we can see that there is plenty of competition for this keyphrase. What does it mean? It means that you already have become famous for this particular aspect of the internet. Of course Indians have also become popular in the world of electronics, software and a many other engineering disciplines but so many people that I have met have talked about the Indian SEO. 

In fact, I believe that your popularity extends worldwide. You are known about all over the USA, Europe and even in the Middle East. Who are you working for right now? Which part of India has the most powerful SEO services? Does your package include website development, hosting, search engine optimization, blog creation, blog maintenance and even Twitter Management? What is the cost per month to hire a dedicated web expert who can handle all of my requirements? I am sure that you have all the answers. I am also sure that if I can find the right company I will be able to increase my business within a few months. Surely there are  going to be plenty of respectable companies in India who are fully aware of what is now required by search engines and will be the perfect outsourcing solution to companies who need high quantity, high quality services at the right price.


                                    THE RIGHT COMPANY

For some reason a lot of people seem to have bunched all seo's in India together believing that they all offer the same quality and quantity of service at the same price. I am sure this cannot be true and that even in India there will be a separation between the kind or type of service that is being offered. I say this because I believe that finding a good seo has nothing to do with race, nationality, culture, tribe or religion. We live in an international world and the name of the game is results. There are seo's in every country who can produce good results and poor results. If you think that you or your company stands out from the rest, then by all means leave a link below with information on how to contact you. As I said in the beginning, people everywhere are looking for you!