Are you sure that no-one is snooping on your web activities? How sure are you? If you think that you are safe, then why have so many companies been offering encryption services? Recently I made a video about Google SSL encryption for web browsing because I was sure that there are people in the world who have no idea what it is. People know about car alarm security systems but they use their computers more than their car, so of course computer and network security should be more important than vehicle security but unfortunately it is not. If there are so many cctv cameras being used then surely we need the equivalent kind of internet cctv. I did an experiment and asked someone randomly something like this "Do you know about being protected while you surf the web?" The answer was No! After I showed this video it became very clear and I had just taught something to them in about 1 minute. I don't think that they will ever forget it. Here is the video on SSL and HTTPS://




I actually believe that the service offered above is something interesting if you like and trust google and don't want other search engine companies to see what you are searching for.  Of course, you have to trust the providers of these services. You will have to allow someone access to see what you do and it is going to be the provider of the encryption service simply because anything that is coded can always be uncoded by the authors.  Internet spying is a massive problem these days and one of the biggest problems is that most people are not even aware how sophisticated it is what is being viewed,  when it is happening and how it is being used. 

Stealing is not really someone taking a loaf of bread behind a shop window and not paying for it because they did not have enough money to feed their children. No! I would forgive that person, would you? However, would you forgive a person who already had money to feed his kids but he was lazy and decided to put your bread shop out of business by using technology? Hardly anyone will understand what I am talking  about but someone smart will get 

                                    WHO ARE THE BLACHATS?

I am sorry! I have to tell readers that in my opinion "Black Hat" is not a bunch of people looking for backlinks to their websites. People are being taught this on the internet. No! This is to me a distraction from the real blackhat who is a cyber criminal. I have a story to tell about network security vulnerabilities that go unreported and I will give you the reason why I believe this happens. You see, we are meant to report abnormalities and investigate them if we are responsible for a large network but this is not always happening. I don't have the evidence anymore because it has been erased. Why was it erased? I leave that for you to think about. OK, take a look at the following graph below which shows an enormous spike of activity on a network within a 24 hour period as an example. Oh, where is it? How come it was replaced by the picture of vegetable oil?

                spike in activity

               Fig. 7983.897 No spike in activity, no evidence seen!

I am sorry to have misled you but this is exactly what happens sometimes. I cannot tell you what happened anymore or why it happened. The evidence has been erased and we were too late. You see we have a problem but instead of trying to solve it we close our eyes and start talking about something else. Could I make you interested in what kind of activity we are seeing in the stunning image above? Now I am becoming irrelevant aren't I? Well maybe the cyber attacker has done his work and now he has planned a diversion. Yes, he caused something else to happen that was relatively harmless so that inexperienced network engineers will be wasting all their time looking at another event and forget about the first one. Hmmm!

                                     PRIVACY FOR BUSINESS

Guess what, there is a chance that someone snooping on this site will be able to steal that misinforming image and have it on another site before search engine ................  image bots ...... have even seen it. What does this mean? It could mean that although everything on this site originates from me and that nothing is stolen or copied, there is a possibility that someone is using technology to get to it before others so that they will get the credit for the work while I will look like a thief. OK, it is not so serious a website like this but now I am being attacked by others who are trying to destroy my little business here.. Oh? Actually, I am not really concerned about that because currently this site has not yet been given a chance to be worth anything. I guess that might happen later, especially if someone reads this an sees value in it.

                                 ENCRYPTION FOR BUSINESSMEN

As an example, a  businessman involved in circuit board manufacturing needs to consider office security for his email, his gerber files, his source code, his engineering drawings, his bank account numbers, bank account details, bank transfers, employee lists, employee details and I am sure someone might want to add another 50 things to the list. Yes! Someone who knows how to implement an office security system that gives the business more privacy. More privacy = more security.  Don't you think that this businessman also needs to have something in place for internal attacks? Yes! Maybe ten years of his work and investment now resides on a small computer disk but someone internally has taken this and is now using it for the new company that he is secretly running while being employed by the man whom he stole it from. This is happening everywhere right now. I know that this article is not speaking in the technical terms "SSL people" are used to. However, there are millions of businessmen right now outside of your sphere who really need you to bring them the best products and services for their business and at the same time to not break their wallet. It might worthwhile for some people do spend some time looking for internet security software, office security and personal security applications. These programs should be easy for normal people to use but extremely difficult for others to crack.