It is the younger generation who seem to be interested in iPhone skins. What on earth are iPhone skins anyway? Maybe I am not being fair by saying it is only young people who find these things important. Maybe it is also older people who want to remain hip or should we say "trendy"

The mobile phone is something that pervades our lives. I personally cannot stand mobile phones. I own several of them and they are hardly every turned on. Why? It's because I don't want to be contacted by using something I believe is extremely intrusive. I want to master the phone and not have it master me. Of course I am going to have a problem trying to convince millions of people that they don't really need a phone outside of business time. I am going to become unpopular with the mobile phone crowd- LOL!  If you want to know more about me, I would rather be a  Rolex Watch Collector  and pay someone to pick up my phone if I had the choice. There are times I cannot avoid using my mobile phone and nowadays it seems that the biggest usage for me is confirming credit card transactions. I was quite surprised also to find that Gmail now requires or looks like they want my cell phone number too. I guess there is a lot of fraud going on and maybe that is one of the reasons and maybe not. I dare not share my true opinions here. Sometimes it is wise to keep some things to ourselves - maybe one of them should be our cell phone number.. LOL!

It's not that I am ignorant for if I were ignorant about what is going on, then why would I notice IPhone skins. OK. If people me don't like phones then maybe we can change the way the phone looks by putting a design on them. Here is a video about a guy who really seems to know about phones and designs we can put on them.


This is really what mobile phone skins are about. It is about personalizing your phone experience (please don't ask me to explain what that means)

However, here is something really interesting that is explained in the video. There is a way to make money from designing neat or cool iPhone skins. It seems to work in a similar way to the stock photography business where you can get paid for your best works. Well, I am not an expert in the Stock Photography business but there is a guy is quite friendly and runs a site about it if you are interested in these things. Go and check out Arena Creative. 

Here is a recent video they made showing what kind of stock photos they are into. Follow the link from their video to their site if you are in that business or interested in it and want some good tips from a humble guy.


Coming back to iPhone skins I think that the price we are going to pay for those skins is not going to kill us. They all seem to be quite reasonable and I guess you are paying for Art and you also get some of the best sealing technology from people like 3M. However there is another world of mobile phone users and these are people who are willing to pay thousands, tens of thousands and even over a million dollars for a phone. If you are interested to know about these phones then look at the 2010 countdown. I am sure there are going to be more and more but it is something that some of us might not be aware of.


Thinking about these things logically we have to ask if phones are going to become fashion accessories then mobile phone manufacturers don't seem to be our fist choice. We would want Prada Phones, Rolex phones, Porsche Phones, Louis Vuitton Phones etc etc.

What about Phone Watches? Why are there not more of them? I wear a watch but I don't wear a phone. I guess I would need a phone that is water proof, shock proof. Something that could claim to be as powerful as my watch. I guess it is coming if not already. Oh, I almost forgot that I also want a truly indestructible laptop