Some people have said that if you ever want to do business in Japan you cannot just walk in and expect to be successful overnight. I guess if you are an international movie star, known and liked in Japan that might not apply to you. Take for instance the Korean actor Bae Yong Joon who is known by his Japanese fans as "Yonsama." Have you ever heard or seen this man before? If not, then maybe you are interested in Japanese SEO but you are even more curious why so many Japanese like him. To save you some time, I have embedded a video below. Maybe you will end up buying his movies and maybe not. At least you have one more subject to talk about with the Japanese when you next encounter them in Tokyo, Osaka or some other prefecture in Japan. Just remember how popular he is and that it is not a good idea to make make rude comments about someone popular (as is the practice in western society) that might make it more difficult for you to find a good seo in Japan- LOL!


So, where is this Japanese SEO and where are the expert companies who can help foreigners sell their products into Japan? Did you know that some people have stopped looking because they came to a conclusion that Japan is a closed market. However, I just proved that this could not be true. Did you notice that Yonsama is not Japanese? How did he win the hearts of all those Japanese people? Surely Yonsama knows something we don't? Maybe you need to find out where to buy his videos to see what the Japanese want! If you manage to get a hold of him he might even endorse your products too and increase your chances of success in Japan. Then again, you could always make a video like the one whosibid produced but it is probably not the answer. Take a look if you want. At least I am going to get full marks for effort and you can't say that I didn't try! A faithful salesman will always try lots of different things to see what will work until he finds what actually does and then he has something called "experience." Do you think the next video was designed to give a cryptic message with the chopsticks? What have chopsticks got to do with a deep subject like this?


                                      SELLING INTO JAPAN

What credentials do I have in regards to selling in Japan? i leave that for you to decide. In fact, who am I? I am not going to tell you and I think that Japanese people would understand this. I believe that they value their privacy and would like me even more if they knew that I believe in client confidentiality. Have you ever been to Japan and noticed something about the food? Did you notice that the Japanese like to eat fresh food? Yes! They also are quite particular about it too. There is no way a foreigner could pass off as an expert Japanese chef if he did not know what he was doing. Becoming one of those chefs takes years, even for a Japanese person. I was once in a Japanese restaurant outside of Japan. The restaurant had just opened and some Japanese businessmen walked through the entrance at lunch time. They were excited that there might be a possibility that they could eat Japanese food but one of them asked a question to the waitress. The question was "Is the chef Japanese." Oh, the chef was not Japanese and this restaurant was now going to have to do something very difficult. They would have to prove that they knew how to make Japanese food.  Unfortunately, they never succeeded.


                                   JAPANESE PARTNERSHIPS

If you don't have that Japanese cook, then why don't you find one and get him to serve the Japanese with the quality (Japan really knows about quality) that they expect? There are plenty of companies who have known that this advice works for them. Do I need to give an example? Umm.. what about Fuji-Xerox the image reproduction company who actually have a website that will detect which part of the world you are living in and deliver their news, products and services in a language you understand.

Then again, there is always the possibility that someone might visit this page and share some insights into this topic. Maybe they will tell you to forget about getting a Japanese seo company and to sell their products through them instead and let them worry about it so that you will have more time to concentrate on other markets.