Do you ladies want to try something different? Normally you might be watching videos of how to do Gaga Nails in English but I think this one is by someone who obviously does not have english as their mother tongue. That should not stop anyone and here is why! Just see the Nail Tutorial for yourself. 


This lady definitely has a passion for nails and starts off showing us shiny black nails. Yikes- she pulled the Lady Gag vid after I made it more popular for her- Oh well! Now I have to use a Judas Nail Vid instead. As a man, I thought that even this was pretty cool. I don't believe women are going to wear Nail Art every day and plain colored nails are definitely in as well because even plain is sometimes effective! I guess it depends on the occasion and how people feel about it. Since this is about how to do Lady Gaga Nails we need a base color and a lot of them have chosen black. They have also chosen a black felt marker pen to communicate with us and it is working just fine.  I miss the ziggy white line the other lady was showing us I don't want to spoil any of these tutorials for you because you have to see them for yourself. Anyone can be inspired by the Gaga Lady and my guess is that even more people are going to make designs from the inspiration she gives. What really inspires me about the Lady G is her music. I am not really into her sensationalism but my guess females can see something in it which inspires them to use certain colors and styles and of course to put a label on it like "Inspired by Lady Gaga"

Here is another Lady Gaga Nail tutorial and there is something common with the first. It is also using  Nail Varnish as the base but there is something so different about these Lady Gaga Nails. They are really like Gaga Portrait Nails.


So, what do we actually need? Well, I don't want to spoil the video because these people want to to watch them and we all benefit from Lady Gaga and each other so give her a helping hand, watch the video and "like it" on Youtube  if you want!

Next is something that some people find controversial. It has to do with Lady Gaga Judas Nails. Some people might be offended because of the implied association with a figure called Judas who was known to be a betrayer. Here is something interesting for you people who worry about names. Go and do some research and you will find out that Judas is the same name as Judah. There is nothing wrong with the name Judas or the name Judah because they are just names. Translators of the old texts have obviously changed the names but go here and you will see that they probably should not have done that. Can you see there is an advantage in studying ancient languages like Greek, Latin, Hebrew and even Aramaic if you please. These two Aramaic words almost look the same but the mean the opposite.  רשיעא  /רשינא  

I hope this is a rich resource for those who want to know about evidence proving that scholars deceive millions of people all the time. Here is something else you might want to know. People who portray themselves outwardly as dark might not necessarily be dark inwardly. Do you know about wolves in sheep's clothing? Well, those same scripts that mention Judas explain that evil is present in the form of an angel of light. Evil is going to show itself through apparent light. I am getting off topic right now and I guess I should get back to the Lady and Gaga inspired nails. The point is that I personally have no problem looking at these nails as a form of art and I hope my justification is acceptable to you if you are a person who is open minded enough to accept it and not prevent you from appreciating the form of art in the next video.