As some people might know it is difficult to find a laptop that is truly unbreakable. Yes I know you were probably looking for an extreme laptop bag but first I want to share some opinions about laptops. Some people might be interested to know that laptop manufacturers have still not been able to manufacture something called an indestructible laptop and if anyone is like me, they will know about the problem of having to keep buying a new mobile type of computing device. My choice is still the laptop simply because I find it easy to type. Speed is everything these days and there is no way I am going to let any new mobile gadget slow me down. Of course, mobile gadgets have their place but when you want to do something really spectacular you need a powerful laptop or desktop for that. One thing you can do while waiting for manufacturers to produce this super laptop we are looking for is to find a good quality but practical bag to carry the device of your choice. I have been exposed quite a lot to the Trabasack Latop Bag and so it is fitting for me to mention it here.


Yes! The news is that this laptop bag won our award in 2011. Someone might say that we are not qualified to make these awards but who better to make awards for laptop bags than someone who is an extreme laptop user. If you know anything about this site then you will understand why I am probably the right person to sit on a panel and hand out innovation awards.

                   modern laptop bag

I previously did not have any good images of the bag but now I do. Oh, you might want to know that I do not copy anything on this site because it is an original site. Trabasack knows about originality and they have have been kind enough to send me some images of their product that have never been seen anywhere on the net. What a privelege it is for me to get such unique material which blends in so well with what this site is about.

                   laptop bag designers

What more can I say except that there are advantages which can be seen in the pictures. It is not just a laptop bag or case but it has a cushion underneath which enables you to place it on  your lap without having to worry about angles in the same way that you would not worry about how you sat on a bean bag. The other thing is it has a tray. Yes! You can see that tray on the first picture. People who are always on the move (especially people in a city) might want to work in all sorts of places without without feeling hindered. Having a small tray combined into your laptop bag might be the answer you have been looking for. Apart from these things it is also unique. 

Probably the best thing to do is to check out their products at Trabasack and contact them. These guys are active in social media and respond really fast which means you are most likely to not only get a fast response but a positive one too.