What are the latest Laptop Bag Designs? Don't you know that the answer depends on where in the world you are searching for this information? Yes! What you consider to be the latest, greatest and newest bag design is being controlled by websites that have the greatest international reach. This site is not really about Laptop Bag Designs at all but I guess you could learn something about a unique bag that I came across that doubles up as a table. Be my guest and take a look at a quick video production I made for it.


You might of realized that the video isn't just about the bag but my need for an indestructible computer which I cannot find on the market because the computers on offer look stylish but they are really just a bunch of cheap electronics stuffed into a flimsy case. That is my opinion anyway! 

Coming back to reaching people! Don't you think that whoever owns a website that is able to reach more countries per month than most others is valuable? If you understand how the internet is changing and tending toward delivering local results then you might possibly understand that a site with greater international reach is going to be more valuable. You probably don't know this because the internet you are viewing is not really the WWW The world wide web anymore. Take a look again at the above video. I do not live in the United Kingdom but I was able to access a search engine in the UK by using a proxy server. If you don't want to be a cavemen and not know anything going on outside your own cave then you should consider what the next educational has to teach, especially if you are an international businessman and have noticed that your sales in certain parts of the world have dropped in the last few years. Probably the reason for this is a misunderstanding of what is going on right now.


Of course I could visit that search engine site from where I am located but the results will be different. Can you see that in the future a website that has greater reach should be selling for more money?  Forget about your social network because you cannot sell it or control it. I can own my own Laptop Bag but I cannot own a social network channel. Are you with the program? Do you own your own bag and it's contents? Check out the next vid because you might of been misled into thinking that ownership has no value.


I now have a new laptop bag and the bag and contents belong to me. Yay! 

If you really want to know more about that bag then I guess you will have to buy one yourself and try it out. Just go check out the Laptop Award Page on this site and you will know the answer.

Sometimes there are things that cannot be explained in a short web page. There are going to be a lot of businessmen going crazy about losing their international markets in the near future. Now is a good time to start worrying about it because there is still time to do something , even though it is going to be very hard.

If you want to do something, then you have to increase the value of your site by increasing your exposure to everyone and anyone you possibly can in the shortest amount of time possible before it is too late. This means that your website (not your social network channels) needs to be incredibly powerful. Your website must be your top priority.