If you care to do some research on legal website average CPM for Legal, Lawyer, Law, Barrister, Attorney and Legal Assistance- you will find that this is one of the areas that brings in the money. I have constructed a chart if you want to see a chart comparing law/legal CPM compared to other others. Don't take my word for it, go and do some "legal investigation" and find out what the website law gurus are saying i.e. if there is anyone saying anything about it.

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 Chart 1.0 CPM for Law Related Topics

If you are lost for words, you can always spend several months investigating how many thousands of legal terms and connected law subjects there are actually are. If you actually did take a look at the link, you will see that the initial response is words like practice of law, legal philosophy, constabulary, poilce force, jurisprudence, law document, legal instrument, official document and so on. This could only be the beginning because law embraces all aspects of life. When you expand the terms you will see that you are going to open yourself up to a new language containing thousands of words uncommon to the general public but familiar to legal specialists involve in those areas of law. Why is it that the subject of law brings so much attention to the those who are building legal advice portals? I believe first of all that the table above really represents most of what is going on the United States. America is a country where you will often hear people telling stories of how they brought a law suit on a major corporation or how some individuals received compensation for wrongs done to them by others. For some, legal disputes have become a sort of pastime while others might be depending on the outcome of a legal battle to simply save themselves.


                           LAW FIRMS TARGETING AUDIENCES

I am not about to embark on building a legal site. What I can tell you is that lawyers themselves normally pay a lot more than others for services related to their own site construction. I know someone doing extremely well in the UK. They managed to get involved with a circle of Barristers and found it to be extremely lucrative. Even law firms need to target their audience because of the different branches of legal expertise that the law partners have decided is going to be the make up of the company. This would mean that the site builder will need to focus on actual skill sets and experience of the parties involved. Of course these sites have to be built in such a way that exudes not only a level of trust but also of confidence in the established law firm's ability to assist their clients. You might notice that some of these law sites have focused in on the individual lawyers who are employed by the law firm. They state their qualifications, experiences and areas of expertise. Some of them might even mention other details of their lives which have to do with a social aspect, probably to put the clients at ease. Even lawyers don't want to seem completely inhumane considering the vast number of sites that make jokes about them.


                        LAW FIRMS TARGETING LOCAL AREAS

Something else that is becoming more apparent is law firms targeting geographical areas in the United States. In addition to this, the search companies are tending toward offering results biased toward finding local legal firms i.e. search is going local. Let's say you don't normally get involved with lawyers but you are doing business and in order to complete a contract you need a document verified by a Notary Public in the next 24 hours. Where are you going to find this person if you don't have immediate access to one? My guess is that you will do a search for "Notary Public New York" if that is where you are located. Even if you missed out the "New York" bit, you are most likely going to find one in your area in the first results page. This means that law firms need to gear up and spend more time thinking about how they can amplify their message to their target audience not only focusing on their expertise but also locality. If you are a patent lawyer in California for example, you probably need to think about targeting key phrases such as "Patent Lawyer California" if that is the place you prefer to have most of your clients.


If you are a New York Lawyer and don't know what SSL is then I have made this video for you. We all know that lawyers are normally extremely busy people but they also need to know about how companies can help them with internet security. The video is very short and is not using semantics. It is straight to the point. I hope some tired lawyer from New York enjoys it!


If you are a webmaster in or New York and are able to provide services for lawyers then please feel free to tell us about it.