Why on earth would someone be looking for information on Facebook Like Buttons? Most people are not! They simply see the blue button , don't press and carry on browsing the internet. I have a particular slant on these buttons and the equivalent that Google has come up with called the Google Plus One (+1) and this is being written for the curious mind. Firstly I have to tell you that I conduct my own seo research and am fully aware of the scientific approach and the fact that whatever I see is not fully representative of everything that is going on in cyberspace. The people who have this kind of massive data are not going to divulge it to individuals like us. If I owned a number #1 search engine or a popular browser, I could implement cookie technology to gather more sample data and my conclusions would probably be more representative. Despite my limitations it is not wise for me to simply believe everything I am told about internet activity according to so called seo experts. I am sure that seo masters would agree with this. If you are going to read further then you must understand that the information I present to you is subjective and my basis for conclusions regarding these topics relates to everything that I have seen and touched on the internet since the year 2000. Before we continue.. please watch someone who made a video about a Facebook Like Button. I am electing to make someone else's video more popular. Go and check the video stats later on to see whoisbid is driving traffic to that video and that Youtube channel for free. The Royalty Free Music in the video might be able to psyche you up and put you in the correct mood for reading my unique content. Yes! I need to create an atmosphere for my content because it might seem rather dry but there is something I have concluded that has become extremely valuable to me and it might be valuable to you if you are trying to make something you created more popular on the internet. Please Press the Play Button in the middle of the next video and stand back and be blasted by Facebook Mania. 


If I never told you to press that button you probably would never press it- would you? Have you ever wondered why Youtube users who want to be popular keep asking people to comment, rate and subscribe? Can you not see that this is a non organic way of increasing popularity?  We should not underestimate this seo technique (yes most people are not aware that it is a technique) and if you are English (as opposed to American) you are probably going to be far more reserved when you make a video production. You are most likely not going to ask people to press like buttons, google plus one buttons or be involved in artificially inflating your popularity through a voting system that could be depending on how demonstrative you are in expressing your desire to have someone press your buttons! Your Poor poor English folk! LOL! What alternatives do the English have if they don't want to do this and want popularity appear more organic? Well, there are now plenty of SEO services available to press Facebook like buttons and they are gearing up to exploit Google Plus One in the same way. Of course these services are not stupid. They will get people to "like" you gradually over a period of time so that it will seem organic. They also have multiple IP addresses and users placed all over the world to do the work. These workers spend their time pressing buttons all day. Of course they have to wait till the video ends to prove to a search engine robot that the video was most definitely engaging. Who offers these kinds of services? I think it is not a good idea for me to place links to them, so instead I created my own video and called it "Welcome to Money Mouse!" Please watch Money Mouse if you prefer to help me.. LOL!.. You can even comment, rate and subscribe if you want but I don't normally do that in public simply because I grew up with particular English people who taught me to let people decide what they want to do on their own without putting too much pressure on them. I guess that is going to be a problem for me on Youtube and Americans who do this will win. Haha!


Now let me share some data with you. Of course you will have to believe me because I cannot reveal the identity of a particular Youtube channel that has several hundred thousands of views but probably in all that channel's history it has never had more than 50 like buttons pressed or should I say 50 thumbs up!

I am sure that the viewers really enjoyed the videos from that channel because some of them commented and thanked the owner of the Youtube channel. BTW that channel now has over 1000 subscribers and never subscribed to anyone. It is a Page Rank 6 Youtube channel. People know that channel and some viewers even used Youtube email and thanked him but they do not press those thumbs up buttons. If we are to take this as sample data we could conclude that (according to my calculation) that the frequency of people who are going to press like buttons organically is only 0.00025%   

Of course I could be wrong, couldn't I? What if I am right? What does this tell you about social networks and manipulation?

Should we blame people who make good content for paying special seo services to press their buttons? What if you are a business and another business has artificially inflated their content value.. what are you going to do? Maybe the business is going to be forced to contact MONEY MOUSE!