Earlier on today I did a search for things related to links because some time in the future I will probably start to do something about backlinks. Oh I did it already. You can now  find the backlinks page. 


                                 LINK WHEEL FOOTPRINT

               link wheel footprint

What on earth is a link wheel? Is it a deceptive SEO practice or could it be that the internet is simply a whole bunch of link wheels connected to each other? For many companies it is simply a normal practice to develop link wheels. Since this site is educational it might be a good idea to watch the following video which will help others to understand the principle. Most SEO's don't believe people will link to sites organically  (unless you have something spectacular) or if you are teenagers who don't care about money yet so link wheels, link pyramids and even complex link spheres are part of every day life.


If I was planning on using link wheel services to boost the traffic of this site, then I would be in the middle of the picture above and I would have access to all the other sites around me. Link wheels can easily be traced and it is possible to trace back and find that it was the same person or group who was operating in this manner, then a link wheel footprint could be found. Some say that SEO's are going to be penalized for using link wheels but if they are never found out, then how can they be penalized? 



Some people are under the notion that sites with original content and interesting material are always going to be found easily on the net. If this is true, then why is there something called "search engine optimization?" There are people who work for large and popular search engine companies who cite examples of how their websites grew organically but they are not being scientific in the approach because the company name is already popular. The company name must be taken out of the controlled experiment for this view to be considered as plausible.

SEO exists because it is possible to exploit search engines and help sites obtain high ranking by the use of powerful backlinks over a period of time. It is a common strategy among SEO's and cannot be denied. Of course, if there are too many powerful  backlinks pointing to a new website in too a short period of time, then this website could bring unwanted attention to itself. What if I told you that the experienced SEO knows that he has to do this gradually?  He knows that it should done in such a way to convince the search engines that he is "gradually" gaining popularity over time. If he has done this for quite some time, he can probably almost feel what is going on and how fast he can open the tap. I believe that if a website is getting untold popularity, a human editor will probably have to take a look at it to see if it is allowed to have this kind of popularity i.e. if the popularity is valid. I cannot prove this but if you own a huge website, you might decide to stop doing too much work on it if you are seeing something I call popularity capping. You might also want to ask yourself if search engine editors have been given the power to cap someone at will. I am not going to answer that question because only certain people can.


 When I previously did this page, I did not put 100% into it. I'll be honest with you that I started off with a splurge, making lots of pages on different things. I guess that some search engines might consider this to be innappropriate but I personally don't think there is anything wrong with this and that it is simply the way that I do things. Someone said to me once that if a thing is worth doing, just do it! Do it, even if it is not done perfectly! Just do it! 


Have you ever searched for something obscure and been led to a page or website that is full of nonsense? You may find that even the domain name seems ridiculous e.g lady-gaga-newsreader-time-machine dot com etc? Well there are plenty of these sites on the net. You might of wondered what on earth they are about because when you start reading the contents, pictures and trying to make sense of them , you can't! Many of these sites are used by SEO's who want to know how search engines will react to them. Some of these people who do this have powerful resources and brainy people behind it all. If you are a multi multi million dollar company that has it's main income based on search engine rank, don't you think you will want to have your own research information on how search engines are going to react to certain things? Obviously if that is you, by no means will you be publishing your findings on a blog. In fact, what you are doing is probably against the terms of service for that search engine company. Are you going to be stopped? Probably not!              


Oh, is this something new? I am not making a blanket statement about this, but don't you think this page's opinion is something a little different? Make your own conclusions and think for yourself!

          neural capability



Oh my, what a statement to make! Are search engines as we know it going to become a thing of the past? My personal feelings are that they are going to become less and less important. Here is why I believe this to be so.


Current search engine companies have become like gods. They decide who and what is relevant and how long it is going to take for that page or website to be worthy of being recognized. If you don't believe this, then take a look at the progress of a brand new website. Which website? This website - search engines too slow for Twitter

Am I against search engines? No, not at all! I am simply reporting my observations in the page I mentioned above. Many of us have made money because of the way that search engines currently work. A good example is old websites that have high page rank are not likely to suffer much in any way if they don't do anything to disqualify themselves.


You only need to go on Twitter to find out that there are millions of people who have no plan to build their internet presence by traditional methods i.e. make a website, wait a few months and years and hope you become popular and make a few dollars. No, these people want instant gratification. Can you blame them?  Since it has become so difficult for them to get noticed by traditional search engine methods, don't you think they are hoping for other ways to make money? Why do you think Twitter is growing so fast and why are so many people supporting it? I personally believe that the old search engine folks are scared to death of things like Twitter, let alone Facebook. I have no experience with Facebook, so maybe someone else can do that! 

            link wheels

     Fig 78732 Recovered fragments of discarded link wheel from SEO in 2007


                          TURNING TO LINK WHEELS AND SEO

It is not uncommon for people who are short of time and need to desperately increase their exposure on the net to turn to some kind of link wheel seo service.  These services normally promise to boost your search engine ranking with their own link wheel network. Obviously it is not a good idea to be telling people that you own a link wheel network. It is probably better to say that you run a network of websites and portals, blogs etc etc. This makes you legitimate. if you have talented content writers who write much better than me, even better. Then you can upload info that is not only good to read but also crammed with keywords (keyword stuffing) If you don't believe this, then do some searching on the web. You will find a lot of writers complaining about the fact that they need SEO. You may be a good writer but that does not mean you are going to be noticed. That's because there are too many writers already.


Some people might be fortunate enough and adequately skilled to do their own content writing. This is probably what search engine companies want from us. However, we are living in a commercial world where those who have money don't need to have these resources in their own company. There are millions of people who will be willing to produce content for others at a small fee. Is this wrong? How can it be wrong if the people have been paid adequately and the content they produce is both useful and unique? Of course,  the website is probably not going to tell you who writes these things, neither reveal to you that what you are reading was outsourced. How can search engines say that these things are not unique content when they are actually  unique and have helped someone? Can you see the predicament? If they are saying this, then they are actually saying that major corporations should no longer outsource to foreign countries. That is what you are saying, isn't it? 

                        EXPLOSION OF SOCIAL NETWORKING

If you are gifted in some way and you want to be known in 2011, you are probably not going to turn to traditional SEO to get noticed. I am talking about individuals. Since the options that people have are currently limited by traditional search engines, more and more people are turning to social media networks. Coupled with this, is the fact that a large percentage of the younger generation now relate to each other using social networks like Facebook and Twitter. It would be unwise to think that somehow these younger people are going to suddenly disconnect from their network when they grow up. Why would they? They have become familiar with a way of communicating and getting their message across to each other without traditional search engines. Younger people are also being accustomed to a faster way of information retrieval and easy access. The next few years should be a worrying time for traditional search engines. How long is it going to be before we see a major shift in the way that people view traditional search engines? I think it won't be too long. My recommendation is to start to explore social networks and Twitter Tools. Become and expert at using it. Maybe right now it does not seem impressive but you can be sure that you are not going to lose anything if you spend a bit of time investigating Twitter tools 


The internet is already an interlinked, interwoven network of content pages  and websites, blogs, microblogs, traditional search engines, realtime search engines and a wide range of options and tools for social and business interaction. The internet is still evolving and who knows what is going to be next? I personally would like the new processes to be introduced slowly because the writer depends upon the old network too. I have investments in old things that have worked up till this point in time. That is a selfish reason of mine and I don't think many others will want this. They will want things to happen faster and will probably become more and more impatient with older ways. If you are like me, now is the time to utilize the old but also embrace the new. I have seen certain people react very negatively to the new ways but this will not help any of us because they are not going to go away and are most likely going to see phenomenal growth.


Someone might think that this page is "off topic" because I left the link wheel discussion. I don't think it is off topic at all, because the reason why most people search for information on link wheels is not out of curiosity. People want to know about link wheels because they want to know how to bring more traffic to their website. If that is you, then just be honest about it.