I am listening to you but I refuse to listen to you and even worse is having to put up with you . Unless someone actually takes the time to do some research on what I am saying then you will never find out who "you" is in each case. You who do not research anything are not worthy to know these things. You are a lazy person who does not understand the following poem. Actually I wanted to find a particular poem but could not find it no matter how hard I tried with Google search. Oh, this means there is a problem with search engines, doesn't it? Well, since there is a problem with material for this page and nothing that I can scrape from the web I guess I will have to make a brand new poem. Here it is!

                  I listened to you, but you did not listen to me.

                       I served you, but you never served me.

                 I believed you, but you never respected my beliefs

               I honored you but I was of little value in your eyes, so- 

                  I will now speak to you, whether you listen or not

                      I will serve you, but the reward will elude you

                             I will give you another chance 

                            But this time ,you must follow me

Please don't be disturbed at all by my writings because I am the only interpreter of the above poem. It is original and has never been seen by anyone in the history of mankind.  People can play with it as much as they like, but they will never know what my true intention was unless they befriend me and I respect them enough to explain it. So, let us proceed with what questions you asked me.

You see, you did actually ask me some questions although instead of using your mouth to ask me directly you used your fingers to communicate with me. Yes! you typed the question in the box and pressed the enter button. Come on! Admit it! I found you didn't I? 

If you are trying to figure out who I am, you ought to give up right now because I could be practicing the work of a silent salesman  and secondly I use an Avatar and people should know why it is important for you and me. Yes! we are meeting here right now and I am transmitting a message to you using my fingers. How tough and difficult will it be for you?  Am I going to encrypt everything so that what I say looks like something at the end of the following video? I did not encrypt my voice so at least you will know there just might be some validity in what I am saying.


What kind of questions did you ask? Well, the questions and how we respond to them on our sites might determine whether or not we are listening. Whether you are in sales or marketing it does not matter because without research you may end up doing things that are not as profitable as you would like them to be. If you have read this far, it might be possible that one day (even today) you might understand my poem.. well, most of it. Here are the questions that you asked me..

1) Am I a salesman?

2) A strong salesman should?

3) What can I teach in 60 seconds?

4) What words should salesman not use?

5) What is a silent salesman?

6) What products have exponential growth?

7) Should salesmen stop worrying about money?

8) What four words should a salesman not say?

9) What do I need to know to get a job as a salesman?

The answers to these questions are on my site somewhere but I am not going to link to them. You have to find them if you are really interested. In fact the ones who are really interested will be typing in those exact phrases or something similar to them to hopefully arrive at the correct place that was designed for those types of questions. Most people who watch the following movie never understand the brilliance of the script writer. This movie was one of the most intriguing movies I have ever seen. 


If you have read this far, there is a way to be a listening salesman on the web. The answer is given on this page somewhere. Yes! On this page I tell you who I am listening to and I even underlined it.  Good luck with this if you really do want to understand. If you do, please do not put the answer in the comments because you will spoil it for others and then I will have to remove the Disqus commenting ability from this page.