When it comes to surfing the web I cannot help but be interested in everything and so that is why you will find things on this website that have to do with Bridal Hair , Perfume , Ladies Handbags and even the Meaning of Scented Candles. Everything on this site is unique and produced by the Avatar you see at the top. LOL!

A mathematician expects that everything can be searched and indexed but ancient artists left messages for them in their works that they do not understand. Who says we have to be able to fully understand something technically in the way science dictates? Then again, if you are an artist- you would find it difficult to explain why you are so inspired to do what you do, even though there is sometimes no perceived benefit to the technically minded person. Take a look at what I mean in the next video concerning being "Mad about Nails" designed by a concerned Artist who I am familiar with.


One thing I believe strongly about and it is that there needs to be more of a mixture of technical subjects and Art. There is a path which someone can take which is a wider path than most and it is the path to inspiration when you see art in motion. As for Art in Motion, I suddenly started taking a liking to Lady Gaga's Music when I saw this incredible video which involves extremely detailed nail designs. Yes! People will take the time to inspire others by things that those outside their world could never comprehend. I have begun to understand the world of fingernails through these talented individuals who deserve mention on this site. So, lets get onto some stuff by Alek. 


Yummy Yummy.. Are you hungry for more nails? Oh! What about more Lady Gaga inspired Designs? It is not pearls but half of them and Large Rhinestones and True Lace. Don't you just love the lace? You need to watch the next video by Yummy Nails to understand. I hope that some lady who has never known the joy a man sees in ladies having fun with their nails will roll around with laughter at the fact that the designers nail has been rammed into whoisbid ..LOL! Woohoo! and Gaga Gaga! Maybe I am learning the nail language and helping you experts in this field get a better definition through my unique content pages.


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