Almost nothing being sold in the United States today actually originates from the USA. Even websites shown to be of USA origin are being farmed out to places like India. You only have to get in touch with the Indian SEO community to find enough evidence to prove that. Who will I upset by saying these things? I am not going to upset people who actually do manufacture goods entirely of USA origin but it might upset a business who is advertising their products under a USA banner but actually make them in China, Malaysia, Philippines, India, Korea, Singapore and South America and a whole bunch of other places. There is no need for me to extend the list. I was simply making a point. Carrying the label "Made in USA" can bring you lots more profit than a label which says "Made In Thailand" and if you don't believe me, then maybe you will believe a famous rock band from Thailand who produced a song about  people in their own country ashamed to buy products from their neighbor. Obviously this band believed that they had a message to give to their fellow man about a ridiculous notion regarding where something is made. If you can't understand the language you can instead listen to the song and if you like it, then I have a translation for you underneath the video. Some people asking for English versions of the song are really missing the point of the song. The song itself is Made in Thailand and sung by Thai people who are in Thailand and not in Japan or the USA. If you want to escape from being held prisoner to only one way of thinking you might want to  Learn Thai or any other language you are interested in. Knowing only one language can be a great impediment to an international person because it might show that you are not interested in anything else except what is in your own back yard. How can you say that you love the world if you can't even be bothered to try and learn a few words to be able to understand someone else who is not a carbon copy of you. You will know why I am saying this if you don't want to remain ignorant by only wanting to speak english.  Thailand was formerly called the Land of Smiles. If you go there and speak Thai poorly they won't try to correct you or look down on you like  a lot of people in english speaking countries do to foreigners.


Made in Thailand, our Land! There are lots of good things in Thailand and we have had it since ancient times even since the eras of Sukothai to Lopburi, Ayuthaya and Thonburi up to modern day Bangkok - the city where people fall into drains (don't blame them)

Made In Thailand - made in OUR land! The land of meaningful songs and dance. Foreigners secretly admire Thai products but Thais don't see any value in them! They are scared of being looked down upon because liking products made in Thailand is not fashionable. If it is made in Thailand "who is going to give a warranty?" I think someone should accept responsibility!

Made in Thailand - whose admirers understand that these products made by Thais and produced in Thailand e.g shirts, pants and jeans are then sent overseas but are sent back to Thailand. Thai's save face when they buy these products but it is the foreigners who get the money. These products are sold in shops in Thailand but they put "Made in Japan" labels on them and they sell  at very high prices. People who wear these brag that they have "imported clothes" seen in the latest fashion magazines

It wasn't the foreigners who cheated us. No! We cheated ourselves!


I hope you enjoyed the song and the translation. Please understand that I did not translate the song word for word because in doing so it is possible that someone might of missed a deeper meaning in the original. If you learn more than one language that has a very different root to your own, you will know that no translation can ever be word for word and some things are absolutely impossible to translate if you have never spent time with other cultures. I hope my contribution in this page introduced you to the Thai people. If you are Thai then I say to you "Sawasdee Krap!" LOL!

By the way. If you really, really do make something in the USA or have quality goods produced and manufactured in Thailand then let us know about it here.

I would like to end this page with music composed by the King of Thailand who to me is a True King. I am not Thai but I have a great respect for this King. He is a not just a King but also a cool guy, loved and respected by Thais including me. If you visit Thailand most people will be friendly to you and the King of Thailand is a positive influence on his nation. Long Live the King!