I have been to Midland Texas and so I believe I am qualified to write about the place from a unique angle. I went there on a paid trip. Someone I know though it was a good idea that I visit the Petroleum Museum and I highly recommend anyone who wants something to do while visiting Midland Texas to check it out. I am not an American and so my visit to Midland was kind of strange because I felt slightly foreign to the area. 


I am sure that since I last visited it has probably all changed. By now it will be easy for anyone to get high speed access to the internet. What I do remember about the place is meeting someone who wanted me to see their cats one evening. I remember getting into his car and sitting down for more than a hour seeing one rod pump after another and finally arriving at his home which was in some isolated location with no other people or houses that could be seen for miles. I then found out about his cats.

They were not cats but Lions! Yes, this guy had six Lions in his backyard and he had a permit for them. He showed me the storehouse where he kept the food for these animals and I must say that it was something that I never expected. Lions, Texans and thousands upon thousands of sucker rod pumps! That is my memory of Midland Texas.


Later on i was fortunate enough to see this guy's shotgun and I could not understand why he would want to keep a weapon like that in his house but it became clearer when he explained to me that he lived alone and no-one would be able to help him if someone decided to attack his premises. It all became clear that day.. LOL! Oh, I did manage to find a normal animal around his house and I told him that he had a nice dog but he  then went to tell me it was a wolf and not a dog. 

These are the memories I have of Midland Texas. Maybe it has all changed but until I go back there again I will always feel it was most definitely a place on the earth that was different in many ways. I did actually learn something about enhanced oil recovery and how it was important to get the bang for the buck if you are a wildcat oil exploration company. I guess that those who have been successful enough to make money in Midland Texas from Oil Exploration will probably like the Pump Jack and would know who makes the one in the following video.


If you think this page is strange it is only because Midland Texas can be strange too.