As some of you know I have already given my two dollars to the Spa Industry and if you care to actually go to that page you will find that there is a link out to a blog which caught my attention several months ago. I was personally fascinated to find a blog that is dealing with issues concerning Nail Salons experiencing financial loss due to group discount companies offering vouchers on the internet with ridiculous prices that are actually harming the industry. My website demographics currently show that my visitors are mostly men and if you know anything about the videos I am producing you will see that I am using pictures and movies of female models to spread a message. Of course my viewers know that I am a man- but a lot of men find that kind looking females are relaxing. This page is about a survey but in order to know what the survey is really about you have to come to this page. Yay! I am glad you got here because it means that I am not losing my website value and what this really is about is how internet companies are using technology to erode your business. Once this technology is in place they do nothing except destroy quality services by frightening local business people who have quality services but are now under threat because everyone else is offering a 90 percent discount for Nail Care and Beauty Salon services. If you agree with this then watch the video and comment, rate and subscribe because by doing this the search engine algorithm is being told that this is more relevant than other videos and the video will become more popular. If not, then my message will never get out unless I pay an seo to artificially inflate the video popularity.


Do we want a bunch of Geeks who got together and developed some software program for social networks to control our businesses? I certainly don't and I believe that people all over the world must resist the discount devil. 

There is also something else you need to know and it has to do with your website value. Can you see that currently there is a mantra going around telling us that we ought to spend more time and money on social networks for our business? My question to you is - What about my website? You have not control over what happens on your social network channel but you do have control of your own website. Many years ago people were doing the correct thing but tell people "visit my website" @WWW but now people are being brainwashed to send people elsewhere. Why do want to destroy your domain name value by doing this? Watch the next video and you will see what I mean.


Of course I have now diverted my readers from the Nail Salon Survey but don't worry because I did not forget about it. I spent time asking my wife (who loves going to the salons) some questions and she confirmed to me that she does not trust all these ads she is seeing on the internet giving huge discounts for her nail and beauty treatment. Here are the questions I asked.

1. Why do you go to a particular Nail Salon?

2. Do you care that your Nail Salon is a bit more expensive than some others?

3. Are there people that you actually like and know in your favorite nail salon?

4. Do you really want to use Group Discount Vouchers giving huge discounts for nail care, manicure and beauty treatments?

5. Do you care about the survival of your local Nail Salon?

6. Do you think that the people working in the nail salon ought to be paid well?

7. Do you think that Group Discounts that you see every day on the internet are going to help improve people's livelihood if the prices are going down every year?

Of course you don't have to read these questions word for word because you probably already know where I am going with this if you have an inquisitive mind for business. The internet has become quite complex and most people do not understand when their own business is being undermined.

What can we do about it? I believe that if we are running a business we can make it a quality business which means we do not side with the discount devil. Of course we are going to lose customers to the group discount companies when we do this but consider the fact that probably many of our competitors are going to go bust because of excessive discounts. This is going to happen in the future because industry cannot keep giving discounts! People need to be paid properly and trained correctly. All of this costs money!

Please consider the fact that some of your clients also have money and are willing to pay you properly if you take care of them.  I am one of them!

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