I am glad that you found this site because you are in for a treat! Yes! Finally you will be able to do your own Newspaper Nail Art if you manage to focus on these videos I have selected. The first is by Danistars4 and she lets us know that Newspaper Nails don't just mean that you have to have some typical print on your nails but you can also choose something from the comic book section of the Daily News, the Telegraph, the Sun or even the Financial Times. The choice is yours and the world is your oyster.


Get the Snoopy section if you want and don't forget to make sure that you have some isopropyl alcohol handy because you will need it. Don't be afraid to soak your nails in the alcohol for a brief moment because it won't hurt and you will are now beginning to get closer to what you want to achieve- which should be awesome newspaper nails! You have to see what the outcome on the white background looked like. Yes! .. Lucy, Garfield and a wine glass was perfect. Using these characters could make a woman's nails look cute and interesting. Don't forget a newspaper also has a crossword section and a ton of different fonts to chose from including those big bold fonts which might just fit on on of your nails. What I liked about this particular nail tutorial is the women seem to be having fun!

OK- it is not necessary that all newspaper nails must have a white background because the next one is pinkish and is a bit more technical in the sense that it is a tutorial of sorts


i don't know if anyone notices but there seems to be a set format for most nail art tutorials and the first step is to show the complete product. This gives viewers the chance to see whether or not they like the end results and if they do, then they can commit themselves to going through the rest of the session.

What you need is a light color nail polish, a clear coating, some alcohol and newspaper clippings. I am not going to ruin it for the person who made the video by explaining the rest. You have to watch her do it. Remember that it does not have to be on a pink or white background but the color must be light enough so that the newspaper print will show through. Enjoy learning!

We don't have to be stuck with the newspaper and we can use a book if necessary. Some enterprising person is now going to show us exactly what that means. Imagine having the words from your favorite book on your nails! 


Do you know that Jesse can actually celebrate by doing something cool with her nails?  I actually think it is a good idea of celebrating i.e doing something nice to yourself as opposed to harming yourself.

Haha! I leave the rest to my viewers and thank the contributors for making this page interesting with your nail art.