When Computer Geeks who want to sell security systems for offices are reading articles about the latest technology available for office security, they might not realize that most business owners do not belong to a crowd of people who fully understands the latest computer networking terminology. Most people still have no idea what cloud computing is for example. Just try talking face to face with a sample of 100 people who are not involved in the computer industry in any way and you will find out that they are not computer technology literate and secondly that they could not care less about what you are doing. This is going to be a huge problem for companies selling reliable computer network security systems. Do you know what your speech might be looking  like to these men? Just watch the video and try and figure out what was going on in my mind when I produced this video for you. Do you understand my cryptology, theories on link pyramids and the need for more proxy services? If you do, then maybe you are slightly out of touch with humanity and should read on! Maybe you want to explain to him why office security is so important. Maybe you have some valuable source code, some unique gerber file and someone else is trying to steal it and you don't want people to know a single thing about it. Your client is not technical but you know that he has other things he needs to protect. You know that people are snooping on him while he is searching the internet and you want to find a quick way to explain what SSL is and recommend he use Google Encrypted search. You can always think about easier ways to explain things that are really difficult for most to understand. Maybe make a video or two and give some free advice? It's just a thought and I am asking you to follow me but I am forced to make a unique website and provide original content so the video is entirely made by me and for your viewing pleasure!


I personally feel that many of these companies who are trying to sell these kinds of systems may certainly be able to provide the tightest security, the most advanced encryption, the most reliable back up products and whatever else is needed to ensure that their client's sensitive data can only be accessed by the correct people. However, I have found that there seems to be a problem for certain technical people to be able to communicate with businessmen who don't care about what you are saying. In fact, many of these businessmen don't trust you because you are always speaking in Geek Talk and when you do this you sometimes (maybe unaware) disconnect from the man who is right in front of you and he might feel that you are mocking him. You are not speaking in terms that he understands and what you really need is to stop reading the latest articles on newly discovered network vulnerabilities, the dark side of cloud computing and what's happening with Microsoft. What you need to do is spend some time thinking about becoming a salesman or at least opening your mind and making some sort of effort to break away from the trap of becoming a robot 

There are sales and marketing companies who know about your need to develop skill sets that relate to sales and marketing but I also believe that many of these so called experts won't be able to help you very much. That is because they are going to teach you a technique rather than helping you to understand what is important. If you end up with the wrong sales training company, you are going to sound like the guy in this video trying to con people into believing in his products without even giving them a chance to slow down and think about what he is saying. You see, some sales people believe that it is their job to manipulate the minds of others but these techniques don't normally work on shrewd businessmen and if you have been suckered into paying money to learn this kind of trash, then you should be crying right now or maybe laughing that in reading this you have found someone who understands your problem.

If you are sick to death of all these courses that simply don't work and are actually end up making your situation worse by lessening your chances to sell network security systems to businessmen who don't understand what you are doing then what can you do? Maybe it is best to spend a lot time with someone who is not as technical as you are and to watch and learn what they do to win sales. I have seen particular companies who are very aware of the Geek vs sales problem and they resolve it by pairing people together who have different skills and sending them to clients as a small team i.e. the Network Security Company sends both a salesman and a techie together. The salesman does his job of winning over the new client and the Geek is primarily there to help him when needed on technical issues.