Some people might be interested to know more about oil and separation technology. The following video was made for the purpose of demonstrating that when you mix oil and water you very quickly experience separation.

Even if you use energy to mix the two liquids to form an emulsion you will still see separation happening again- and very quickly. Watch the video to see what I mean. Maybe some people think it is too basic but I know there will be people who have never realized what an oil/water emulsion is. You can thank whoisbid for introducing you to the concept if that is you. Enjoy the video.


The above video clearly demonstrates that oil and water are immiscible (they do not mix) and once this is clearly understood it will be easier to appreciate how an oil and gas separator works in the next video below. Of course these videos are very basic but sometimes it is difficult for certain people to grasp something without some multimedia assistance or by simply seeing it happen in real life. 


The above technique is using a principle of gravity separation. There are other ways to mix oil but whatever anyone does to the oil it is still going to separate  out eventually. Since the world is approaching an oil consumption of 100 million barrels per day it has recently become more important to account for losses due to the fact that water is at the bottom of tanks and pipes. Some experts have calculated that at least $300 - 500 million is unaccounted for everyday. If you are interested in oil losses then you can always use your own figures and plug them into a popular oil profit calculator

One of the fastest ways to clean up oil is to use a centrifuge. The next video shows how they work without an explanation so we will provide one.


The centrifuge is sometimes thought of as a high speed purifier. The oil enters the centrifuge and is spun around at high speed and what happens is the centripetal acceleration makes the light product (oil) go to the top and the heavier product (water) drain out at the bottom. In the video you can see the water draining out of the boxed centrifuge.