Guess what? Today I have the privilege of writing about original domain names  and one of the best examples I could give you would be my own website which is an 8 letter dot com domain name. My ideas are original. Take a look at the idea of comparing your site with renewable and sustainable energy for the future. It is not a ridiculous idea if you actually watch the video and think about it.


Back to the whoisbid site - The name itself would either be 2 words or three. Some people might imagine that the site is asking question "who is bid?" and you you would be correct in that assumption because Bid is an Avatar and you don't know who he is unless you spend a lot of time on this site and even then you might not really know who he is. Others who know about unique domain names and the whois data base will be looking at the "whois" part and so they will believe that this domain name is only two words containing "whois" and "bid" and you will also be correct. This site has much to say about ownership and the only way you can own something is to have your name or your company in the whois database. The second word is "bid" which apart from an Avatar could also mean some kind of bidding is occurring. What is this bid? Well, the internet could actually one big auction to those who do not know the Avatar called "Bid" because the only way you know how to promote your company is to pay others. Examples of payment could be "pay per click" adverts where much of the time people are in a bid for the highest position on a search engine or getting your videos on Youtube more popular by paying companies to press like buttons all day. I guess they now have ways to get computers (each on a separate IP address) to do this and that is why it is offered for so little money. Of course many of them are being discovered but I don't think all of them are caught. You can see the results of this manipulation on Youtube where you see a sudden burst of activity, likes, comments etc and then nothing for the next 6 months to a year. These same people are probably getting ready to do some explosive plus one button seo for a fee.


Some of the things in this site are designed to help certain people have a deeper understanding of the bid mentality. Oh, what is the "bid mentality?" There is something you must do if you don't believe we can do zero budget marketing. I am teaching zero budget marketing but it will require a lot of effort on your part.

There is nobody else who has attempted to produce a site exactly like this. There is also no-one else who has the domain name whoisbid.com except for me. I am creating an identity which is original and totally unique. Something else about this website is that it now contains (as I write) over 215 pages of unique content. I did not copy anything from anyone and have followed the guidelines laid down by supposed search engine company experts. What is the result of being unique? I am not going to tell you the answer right now because you should try it first. Go on! Create something unique and work at it for a reasonable period of time. By doing this you will probably discover something that could be invaluable to you. If you own a Rolex Watch then you probably know something about how it was made. Yes! It was hand made- but a lot of thought and engineering went into it. Rolex is an original name and it is also an original domain name too. Go an visit Rolex.com right now because that website shows Unique Content produced by Rolex and Rolex keep producing unique content.

Now I have a puzzle for anyone who is interested in finding out about the power of a unique domain name. Watch the video and ask yourself which companies in the top ten of the list actually produced original masterpieces for people? You will probably come to the conclusion that nothing is original about them at all except... maybe their domain name.


So the conclusion is that domain name value is critical on the internet. Of course we need to put something in the domain. It does not mean that we necessarily have to have our own content to be successful. No! The most popular websites have found ways to use other people's content to do this and when they become powerful enough they will teach others that it is wrong to do what they have done i.e. you must now produce your own unique content. OK- This is what I have done on whoisbid and apparently we are going to be rewarded by others on the internet who are will graciously give us true backlinks to boost our popularity. Is this really happening? Why don't you trying building an original website on an original domain name and you will find out. Start off building 100 pages, then 200, then 500 and try to get to 1000 pages of totally home grown, hand made stuff and then ask yourself if those people are telling the truth. Don't believe what you read on the internet because everyone needs to do their own investigation. Watch the first video again because farmers and gardeners should know that a flower can grow on a dung heap. Please try to figure out what is going on and how you should be responding to it. If you don't know how to respond then you can respond to me first.. LOL!