People are always looking for better and newer ways to increase the effectiveness of their marketing efforts. Do you know anything about the Mars People? They used to have an advert and at the end of this ad there was a song which went like this " A Mars a Day helps you Work Rest and Play" In fact, thinking about it, I can actually show it to you right now - thanks to Youtube. Here, take a look for yourself! Please don't give up on me yet! This page might be one of the most useful pages I have every created on this site but it is not going to be of any value to lazy people. You will see some strange things on whoisbid but there is method in my madness, let me assure you.


Someone is going to come here because they want to know if backlinks from Disqus are worthless. Maybe someone else wants to know if WordPress backlinks are useless and yet others might be asking the question is Twitter going to help me get more Page Rank and visitors? Yes! There is method in madness and I just proved it to you. That is why you came here isn't it? If you came here the day that this page was created then you are reading something that has not yet been picked up by a program designed to find content. Come on, you know what those things are called, don't you? You use one of them all the time and it normally has a white background. Well, the most popular one today does. You really want a lucky break, don't you? Well, have a break- Have a Kit-Kat and watch the next video please.


Things might change one day but right now the big G is on top and everyone needs to listen to the next video which stars Shirley Bassey who I believe is a lady with class and style. What is revealed here is identifying the problem you have right now. If you have some patience, you might discover something that will change the way you work, rest and play.


Nowadays females are taught to look like stick insects because that is part of new age barbarianism. Why did I suddenly change the topic? Well, if you are concerned about those things then one of the alternative recommendations might be Acupressure. I am not kidding about that- just be open minded! The answer is not written here and ignore my advice by all means but what I am saying is I think it is best to keep an open mind in all things. I don't want to say too much, because it is going to affect the theme of this page. If you are  struggling with candy you can also try zero impact activities in a swimming pool. OK- tell me stop, will you? You ask me where is the method in your madness? Did you not watch the first two videos? What has work, rest and play have to do with that product? How can it help you do those things? What about the second one? Will taking that break and having a Kit-Kat solve everything? The third video is explaining your current dilemma, isn't it? Maybe you hate big G right now but let me tell you that big G will send a whole bunch of loving spiders to you if you make "a page a day." Of course, there is going to be a struggle because you might not see the real results of your efforts for some time. It is kind of like big G is testing you..LOL! They want to know if you are a worthy candy date! (whoops typo!) Make sure you don't fall into this trap here and also don't bother listening to anyone who is going to try and stop you from the subliminal message in the first video. Yes, I have adapted the message just for you. It is no longer a Mars a Day but a Page a Day... let me sing for you... a page...a results that are.. gay! .. When I say "Gay" I am talking about Gaiety which is happiness. Yes! If you follow this advice and make it a habit of continually spitting out unique content day by day then you will come to know about walking on those mountains of Gaiety. You will feel elated in regards to the work you have done after you begin seeing some meaningful results. When you finally get your first breakthrough (could take quite a while) you might want to take a short break and celebrate. If you can afford it you might want to board a Cruise Ship  for the Atlantic or Pacific Ocean, visit London and stay in a serviced apartment or a cheap hotel. Whatever you do remember that we all need a holiday once in a while.

I am not going to share with anyone what I think of Disqus links until someone replies here. If you do reply, then watch my next step.