This site is not a blog. I don't need to have a blog here because you can find me on Twitter and "Microblog" to me if you have a question. I had blog software on this site previously but I felt that the blog was destroying this website. I feel that if you have a blog then you should use it on a subdomain. That is my opinion and this is my site and the great thing about your own website is that you can write about something without having it destroyed by a blog comment. I have been researching blogs and blog comments and one of the things that stands out about people's replies is the fact that you can tell that a large percentage of blog comments are coming from people who have not even read the full content being discussed. This means that a lot of blogs do not contain cognizant information. If you are a specialist in a particular field and have spent several years doing your own research and are far ahead of most people then you might find a blog will not help you pass your message on. The reason for this is that you could be writing about something that you discovered after several years of research but someone destroys your material by their mindless comment or opinion. The title of this page has to do with the relevancy of Page Rank and I just went to a blog to verify that a lot of blogs are misleading people on the subject. If you don't believe me, then perform some searches right now  using the follow questions and you will find that blog pages that contain answers have conflicting views. Here are the questions:-

1. Why are so many good content sites still at Page Rank Zero

2. Is Page Rank important anymore?

3. Why is my site still at Page Rank Zero?

4. How much effect does Page Rank have on search engine ranking position (SERP)

5. Is Page rank less relevant now?

We should not forget something very important. This is a fact and can be verified. The most popular websites in the world have the highest Page Rank. Do you want to know the most popular websites in the world? You can watch my Youtube video and you will find out. You will also find out something else that might interest you.  You don't have to watch the whole video. Just watch the beginning where the top ten sites are listed.


Now you need to ask a question. In fact, you need to do your own research and forget about what people are saying on blogs. Anything that anyone tells you is simply an opinion. If you believe in the scientific method, then you will trust in something very ancient called "method, results and conclusion" 

As I pointed out earlier, there are people who have their own field of expertise trying to help others by sharing their own research data on blogs but their conclusions are being drowned out by misinformed bloggers who only spout out an opinion they read about somewhere else. In the above video you will see that I refer to a website ranking site. Go to that site and see who are the top 100 sites, the top 1000 sites and check each site's individual Page rank. Put the figures in your own Excel table and spend a few weeks studying their Home Pages to see what keywords they are targeting. When you know what they are targeting, then search for those keywords and see what positions those keywords or strings of keywords (keyphrases) appear in. See if you can find a pattern. What will you find? If you find something interesting then you can always Tweet to me to tell me if you believe Page Rank is irrelevant.

I could tell you the answer right now but what is the point? Most people are not going to listen anyway. What happens to some people is they rush into social networks and never analyze what could happen to their websites if all their efforts are now to do with social networks. If you care about your website and if you believe in the power of a domain name (social networks believe in the power of their domain name) then you ought to start conducting some of your own research.

I have dealt with this topic quite a few times on my site but one thing I have discovered is that those who do not do their own "seeking and finding" will never be able to see the level of exploitation that we are experiencing right now on the internet. Few people are asking the question "How am I being exploited?" If you think about it and approach the question scientifically as it relates to Page Rank then you might come up with a disturbing conclusion. 

Once you have figured out what is actually going on, then you can take some positive action. You will have a better idea of where to spend your time and money and what to concentrate on. If this is all too difficult for my readers and you do not find this useful then I have a question for you. When was the last time you updated your website? When was the last time you added material to it? How much time are you spending putting your content outside your website (social networks) and if you find that your website is becoming very skinny, then why should someone go to it?

I am just giving people one clue as to what is happening. I am not talking about Page Rank because why do you want more Page Rank? The question is only part of a jigsaw but it is invaluable to my readers. Go and think about it and start doing your own tests and don't forget to update your website often if you care about your site more than your social network.