What does paid advertising mean? If you are going to pay for advertising offered by a website that tells you it has impressive statistics then surely you will want to know whether or not paying for that advertising is going to benefit your website. Unfortunately most companies do not have people skilled at seo working for them. This means that the owners of the company will have no idea what is going to be valuable and what is useless. Before you continue reading this page, please read the other page that was designed to help people understand the difference between a true link and a false one. Some people might not like the term false link but the reason why I consider it to be false is because most of the general public do not know the difference between them. This means that advertising can be sold to potential clients who have paid good money to the advertising company but the advertiser is completely unaware that the text and pictures he has given about his products and services will not help his own site's ranking. If something sold at a high value and a link to your website has been promised but this link does not follow, then most people after having understood the linking mechanism might be disappointed with some of the directories and websites that they have advertised in. This topic actually quite complex in nature because once someone understands what is going on they will probably not be interested in how much human traffic a website is sending to them. No! They will be interested to know if the links are dofollow links and also if the pages on which those reside are spiderable. I did mention it is a bit complex and not something that everyone wants to get involved in. One of the great aspects of a true seo should be recommendations regarding where a business should spend money. A true SEO could actually save a company a ton of cash or simply use the internet advertising budget to go much further than it would previously since no-one knew what was going on before. Here is a link to a program on someone else's site that will help us to view a webpage in a similar way to how a search engine spider would. The following program will help us understand but please come back to this page if you want to get the most out of it.

 Search Engine Spider Simulator

Enter URL to Spider

After you have entered in the webpage of your choice you will see which links are spiderable. Sometimes you will find that certain directories do not allow certain things to be indexed by search engines. Let's say that you have paid to have banner advertising on the homepage of a site that you like. If you use this program and go to the home page of that site where you banner advert is. you might find that it does not appear in the list of spidered links at the bottom of the page. This is because the owner of the site has either written a robot.txt exclusion for those pages. I could of made a video about this but someone else did. Watch the video if you are not familiar with these terms. Once you understand what is going on you will realize that advertising companies can tell search engines to skip whole sections of their site.


This page is not a comprehensive explanation of these things but it is simply giving advertisers an idea of what their seo company should be doing for them. It is unwise to have someone spending large amounts of money (especially if it is important) on advertising when that person is not really aware of the implications. Paying someone who really knows about these things to give us advice could actually save a ton of money. If you don't have this kind of money then you need to do it yourself and you will probably need to spend a couple of months getting familiar with these mechanisms. In short, you need an seo to help you fight seo.

Some people who understand these concepts will look for what I would call "decent places to advertise" and they might be willing to pay 10X what someone else is asking for if they know that they advertising will increase their own site's visibility. 

Advertising on the internet is a complex subject. If you believe the theory- what some people believe about page rank and how it can effect the total number of keywords that could be highly positioned then you will understand why your own website will never become as powerful as the sites that are selling you advertising. The complex issue has to do with whether or not we care if a website is sending us visitors from a human standpoint or whether their true links are boosting our own site from a search engine perspective. If you don't understand this then let me explain. It is very possible that a powerful website might not be high ranked for a particular search term but your site will be the one higher up, simply because they helped you by linking to you from pages that were popular, spiderable and the links were dofollow.

Of course there are going to be people who disagree with this and the problem with lots of these blogs is they never provide any evidence. Let me give you some evidence from this website. We are almost 180 pages in size over 5 1/2 months and everything is unique in this site. We are still page rank zero. Most of the links to this site from social media and blogs are all nofollow. An seo who knows about backlink development will be concerned about it but we are not really concerned because this site is also an experiment to see how search engines really do treat unique content.