Palm Oil is healthy, competitively priced and is a super product for investors because it has ten times more yield power than Soyabean.  It is a product that is seeing a lot of growth in Asia despite the attempts by search engine optimizing groups to limit the potential of Palm Oil by using propaganda websites.  It seems highly unlikely that these groups will ever succeed simply because too many businesses now rely on Palm Oil.

Take a look at this amazing video on the basics and the business of Palm Oil. Most people don't even know the difference between flesh and the kernel and I find these video uploads extremely edifying. Please watch the whole way through because it might change your perspectives if you have been visiting the wrong websites on Palm Oil. The guy who is giving the lecture is an important figure in Palm Oil.


I personally believe that those journalists and websites who are using the Orangutan and deforestation as their only excuse have gone too far. They do not give information on what "is" being done in a positive way. There are tons of positive videos but the negative ones become popular. Why does this happen?

Sometimes it is due to  unethical seo practices but these can also backfire because too much negative information can also cause educated people to start searching for more facts and proof. People who really want to know about whether something on the internet is true ought to do their own scientific investigation and not gather information from a particular website, simply because it is popular. People should watch the video and see the incredible potential palm oil offers.

The Palm Oil Industry also provides much needed jobs in places like Asia and the demand for more localized research and manufacturing of Palm Oil Plantation and Palm Oil Refinery Equipment is growing too. Malaysia and Indonesia are big players in the Palm Oil Arena but Singapore is also important  simply because it is one of the busiest ports in the world and a popular trading  location. Quite a few of the key players chose to make a head office in Singapore.

There are other advantages in Singapore because it is a well run country with most people either being bi-lingual or even multi-lingual and this is an advantage for any business who wishes to trade with countries that speak English but also Chinese, Malay and Indian. Probably some of my readers will be familiar with Singapore Airlines which is now offers non stop flights from Singapore to Newark or Los Angeles.


Singapore has no natural resources but it has become an economic giant in this modern age. 

I mentioned Singapore Airlines previously and this also is another growth success story. I hope you enjoy watching what someone else put together if you are interested in airline history.


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