Hohoho! Guess what folks? This website was designed for the Panda update and any Google update that Google rolls out that has to do with original content. Take a look at the theme of this site on the index page which mentions "original website" value. If Google really cares about original content then this site should be doing a lot better than it is right now because there is isn't a single shred of copied material in all it's 250 pages. Yes! I think it is now about 250 pages filled with material produced by "Bid" and it has taken over seven months. Do you want to see what whoisbid thinks of the Google Panda Update? Then take a look at my original picture. I would like to punch Google Panda in the teeth because Panda is no good to me!

panda update

The pictures and photos on this website are all hand made but it looks like Google does not care in the least bit. No! Google cares about massive sites with Page Rank and that is who Panda is attacking as far as I am concerned.

Hey take a look at Bid giving Google Panda a whack in the jaw. Panda does not care about sites like this because this site is not even one year old! I predicted the Google Panda Update long before it happened but it has failed miserably in my estimation. In fact I think that the Google search experience is now worse. I did a search for Google Plus one Popularity the other day and ended up being led to a scraper site.

Do you want to know what kind of things some people are searching for to find this website? People are asking questions about "what is the best kind of scraper?" It looks like a lot of people have figured out that copying other people's content is extremely profitable and Google does not seem to be able to do anything about it. Apparently there is going to be another update but to be honest with you I am not impressed. 

OK- What is important is that the real Panda is more relevant than some silly Google update. This next video is a wonderful piece showing people how beautiful the real Panda actually is. Why don't we think about "real" things related to the Panda rather than associating it with a search engine update. 


Did I deceive you about how to fight the Panda Update? No! I never deceived anyone by writing this because there is actually nothing to fight for me. I am 100% original and I would prefer that Google Panda fight for me instead! It is not happening and that is really sad!

What I do see happening right now is much of my content being copied and Google being unable to tell that all this site is original content. I guess this site is being penalized for being original since those who copy the contents of this site have more authority. This is because Google does not spider young websites enough. They are too slow and my guess is that they don't want to spend the money trying to protect something new. They are concerned about older and bigger sites. The spiders spend all their time  in the wrong places. That is my opinion and I am entitled to it! I personally don't care because I believe in the "definition of original" which this video was designed to teach. I wonder if people in the Google team ever spend time looking into this matter? 


Here is how to fight Panda according to experts if you just got hit!

1. Upload your own original text

2. Upload original photos/media

In other words, don't copy other people's material.

To be honest with you I think that the Google Panda idea is a good one but we have to wait and see whether or not Google technology is advanced enough to do this on a massive scale. I guess I will have to wait for the next update to see. So far it seems that things have gotten worse for many.