If you spend all day at the Mechatronics factory looking at printed circuit boards and components do you ever see the future? Will you find what you are looking for on the board? Maybe life is only going in one direction for you and you feel your own  electrical current going through a diode. You know that the dip fix is going out of fashion, just like an obsolete transistor. Maybe someone is planning to replace you just like a a hard to find component on the spot market and there is too much heat on your capacitor. You try hard to resister and your logic has failed. You use a magnifier to increase optical resolution but you are instead guided to look through the hole in the PCB. As you look more intently you worry about the possibility of a short circuit. 


              printed circuit board

You are not sure if the lay out effort is worth it but you find her flowing hair more interesting than the sine waves on your digital oscilloscope. The voltage is too much to handle and you want turn that knob so that the analog is now only seen in a digital form. You don't want her to trigger you or cause too much phase shift. You feel that maybe a relationship is too complex and you believe that even though it takes two wires to make the simple light emitting diode, it can't be true for you.

              light emitting diode

You want a complete contact closure and to turn on the light but maybe people would look and see that your LED is an actually an alarm. Maybe it would the brightest LED around.

               hard wiring

What would happen if you did actually try to build something meaningful with her? Would it mean lots of hard wiring? You don't want to use too much solder but she causes your hands to tremble and it is difficult to complete the circuit but you have to try. You have to get away and find the latest cruise deal  or a nice handbag and even sweet smelling perfume will do but you should do something. Something that is out of the ordinary for a robot engineer