The left picture shows us what 1 Yuan looks like. Are you interested to know how much that represents today? I used the following currency calculator to convert 1 Yuan to US Dollars and today (with the current conversion rate) it calculated that this was about USD 0.15 or should I say about 15 cents. Can you buy anything in China for 15 cents? I asked some people who were familiar with current rates in China about the current cost of goods and services and their reply was you need about 3 Yuan to buy something unless you are trying to buy a sweet ( Americans call it Candy)



The picture of money is my contribution to you. I am not able to give this chinese Penny equivalent to you but do you know the saying "A penny for your thoughts?" That is what I am doing here on Whois Bid. Who is running the Penny Bid sites and are they really true Auctions? Can they confirm that they have as much credibility as "BID on the Nasdaq? " Maybe you are confused and would like to know who BID really is on the Nasdaq because Bid is not just an Avatar of mine but "BID" is also a serious company which has no relation to us whatsoever. If that is you, then you have options and one of them is to find out more about Sothebys where you can explore auctions. Yes, we do recommend that you first find out how the true bid works before you dive into Penny Bid Auctions.

                                      BID PERSPECTIVES

I believe that Sothebys among other things is famous for auctioning Art pieces but "Bid" on this site is also into art as well. In fact we still have some questions which have been posted in the Bid Art Gallery and we wonder if anyone will ever enter our Art Competition and post some answers. Time will tell and maybe someone will join Bid's community by signing up to Disqus and posting  a comment. If you are wondering if "Bid" is Art or about Art, then you have to watch the following Youtube video to find the answer to this question. It also has something to do with Android, iPad and iPhone and is certainly relevant and educational. The production is very simple and does not take much time to watch. The music is not our own production but was purchased through a Royalty Free Site that offers all kinds of fancy music for a reasonable price but you will not find anything on those sites going for a penny. Enjoy the following media production which also gives information on bid location but there is a deeper message behind it all. I believe only artists would bother to try and understand riddles and they would have to be a certain kind of artist that has been born into the digital age.


                                       BID DEFINTIONS

I certainly hope that we will win the bid to compete with many other sites that contain information on Auctions that few people understand. It might so happen that your input will clear some of the confusion surrounding bid sites that are offering iPad, iPhone and Android for a penny. How could this be possible when I have already proven in the first paragraph that even in China you can't buy anything for a penny anymore.

                                         BID FOR REAL?

If you have come this far down the page and know the answer to the question then it  means that your mind has probably been trained to filter out the authentic from the copy. Have you visited those Penny Bid sites and actually gone through the motions of trying to get the goods you want for less? Have you been scammed? The Avatar called "Bid" is interested to know about user experience and will welcome valuable input. Your input on this topic will certainly be useful to any cyberspace traveller who is looking for more answers. You never know, your input might spark off enough interest for Bid to attempt a more in depth analysis!