I am quite happy to be married to a woman who only uses soap and water to smell good as long as she isn't causing me too much trouble. To me personally, perfume really is just an exterior thing which can only give me a temporary impression. She might smell nice but that does not mean that she actually is nice. What is a nice woman anyway? How are women being educated in what actually attracts men in the long run? Want to know what it is for me? I will tell you for free! I think women who have a quiet spirit are precious.

It is definitely not the latest perfume on offer or the fact that a woman has bridal hair or even the best beauty products that is going to impress me. Women need to be  female and men need to be male. I know that someone might accuse me of being old fashioned but deep down inside I believe that a lot of women who are forced to take on the role of a man know that they weren't designed that way. Well - most of them at least!  Would you like to walk, talk and smell like a woman? If that is you, then I want to discuss two types of Fragrances. The first is one that you cannot buy on the internet or even in a department store. The fragrance is something beautiful that exudes from her character. It is a kind of gentleness mixed with mystery about her life. It comes from her devotion to those she serves and protects. Am I getting too deep for you? If so, we can always discuss frangrances that affect the carnal senses or should I say "sensual frangrances." Let's say that you are a woman who is not going to spend much time with men and you want to make a stunning first impression. Maybe perfume could be considered a way to hide the lack of confidence a female might be facing. I am sure you will be able to peform some kind of magic with the right fragrance. Ok, it is not going to work on every man, but I guess there will always be plenty of men who will fall for the woman who has a perfect perfume box!

            exotic fragrances

What do you think about White Musk from the Body Shop? Well, I found it in this mysterious collection didn't I? It personally reminded me of a kind of Vodka. I preferred the next one I found called Bellissima which was a perfume and I expect it has to be stronger since the aromatic is more concentrated.

                             PERFUME WORLD EXPLORATION  

What happened is I could not find the perfume labels. Maybe some of these boxes don't want you to know exactly what is in each jar. I guess I need a female to explain it better. Now I am outside the box and exploring the other fragrances. What about the Paris YvesSaintLaurent? To me it seemed quite strong. Why would a woman want to use this particular fragrance? What does she want to achieve?

             Paris Fragrance

What do I think about this really stunningly designed fragrance bottle made by Lancome Paris? The label says Tresor. Maybe I am getting it wrong but when I sprayed it on my arm and let the fragrance pervade it reminded me of cleanliness.



I really had fun doing this and welcome anyone who has a better idea on how to describe an aroma to recommend anything that you feel women might be interested in.

Today I thought I would Feature someone's perfume video. Maybe every week I will have a new perfume video. Let's see shall we? I know there were people looking for Clarins Tranquility Blue Bottle but an Eau De Toilette that a Youtuber is interested in called "Gucci Guilty" caught my attention and here is the review she gave!. I was amazed at the info on why we might want to buy a perfume version if they have one... Enjoy!

Well, maybe another one about why she recommends Max Factor skin products might interest you too!