With the growing need for more sensors there is a need for more reliable piezo ceramics. Certain manufacturers have been gearing up worldwide to provide the needs of this growing market. One of the common uses of the piezo is in ultrasonic technology. Even pest control services have been successfully selling devices that claim to vibrate at a frequency above audible hearing and supposedly deter insects and rodents although the FTC has already warned about making certain claims. It is not possible to regulate the whole of the internet but more advanced users are not becoming more educated and some of them have managed to survive the seo onslaughts. There is most definitely a need for greater awareness of false advertising and the UK seems to be taking false claims quite seriously. As time goes by and the spam levels increase due to questionable seo activity there will most definitely be more advanced filtering services offered to those who refuse to live with it. However, to avoid being off topic there are actually thousands of unique applications for piezo manufacturing and it would seem that this business is most definitely a lucrative one if done well. 

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Take for example this student's toy. Actually it is not a toy and it is performing a calculation. Coupled with the rise in sensors we have a parallel increase in the need for printed circuit boards which serve to carry out simple and also complex functions related to the feedback from single or multiple sensors. A casual glance at the sensor itself might lead someone to believe it is a single piece but in actual fact it is a dual element. Within the stainless steel housing is contained two 5 mHz piezoceramic pieces which have been carefully selected or "paired" together. This process is time consuming because each piece must be tested in house to see which ones match best and have a reasonable SNR (signal to noise ratio) In this particular project it is not only necessary to obtain a good quality pair of sensors but also to program the device so that the transducer will send out a pulse and wait for an echo. The calculation has to do with the amount of time (but we are talking about tiny fractions of a second) it takes for the sending and receiving. This is simply a typical example of a client who depends on good quality piezoceramic material. It also has to be sold a reasonable price because over the last ten years it has become apparent that more complex instruments are now being manufactured on a massive scale in Asia. 

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If you have been an avid supporter of this site content then you will know that nowadays it is difficult to tell for example what is actually being made and where it is being made. Previously we asked the question what is made in the USA? The example above is probably not going to be something an inventor thinks about . No! It will be the job of the businessman trying to sell the electronic device as silent salesman  to think deeply about how he is going to package this and sell it first to his sales department

In order to convince his locals that the device truly is something made by his own company he will probably pay more attention on the software details and functionality of the instrument or machine in question and secondly on the packaging and overall appeal which may include external colors and materials. This means that the internals will be manufactured overseas as well as the sensors but it might be prudent for  the final package to contain something unique that is actually uniquely produced by the seller. This can be done through software which becomes the core of the device or for want of a better word -the intellectual property.  In order to obtain the greatest advantage, research can be conducted on how local users will best respond for e.g to a particular menu or system. This is actually something I believe needs a gifted individual. I am hooked for example to the computer I now use. I don't know what happened and why I changed systems but whoever designed the menu system and functionality seemed to know how my minds works and has designed something that I like using. What is even more impressive about the designer of my computer is that I don't want to change. In fact, even though I know I could change I somehow feel that I am not able to. To put it bluntly they  have made my life easier and there is a saying that "if it works, don't fix it!"

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I don't expect too many people to comment on this page, even though we are now in the midst of Web 2.0 which is supposed to be a time of interaction. I believe that only certain people will be interested in these ideas and probably the interest is due to the fact that you are involved in something like this. If you are, then thanks for reading this and I wish you all the best with your attempts to sell the products to your own people so that they in turn will feel confident to sell them to others.