What is inside a ping pong ball? Do you think that is a silly question? I was forced to answer this question in a three page essay as a teenager. Are you interested to know what kind of person would force me to write about what exists inside of a Ping Pong Ball? The person asking this question was a sixth former in a public school and I was his fag.

If you are an American you probably don't know what I am talking about. This is because American English is not English English. Someone on the Wiki Page doing the definitions for "fag" actually did a decent job. Yes! They know that a fag is someone who has become a senior's slave at public school. They also know that a fag is a slang word for "cigarette" and if you live in London and smoke cigarettes it is more than likely that a teenage girl is going to approach you with a cockney accent and say "Oy mate, got a fag you can spare?" 

There is also another word called "drag" and as of Friday March 11, 2011 -Wiki has currently failed (someone is welcome to fix it)  to give a more complete definition of "drag" which in slang is to inhale a cigarette or as a cockney person might say " Can you Gimme a Drag" If you have absolutely nothing to do right now except read this page with parables  about what is in the insides  of a ping pong ball then you can always go and fix Wiki. If you are too stressed to do that, maybe you want to know about why there are so many people selling e-cigarettes on the internet. I don't encourage anyone to smoke anything but maybe it is important to investigate the pros and cons.

Do you know what is "fag" and "drag". If you are a UK SEO you will already know cockney language and you won't be struggling to understand people blogging about taking a drag as opposed to vaping. English is getting more complicated as we are introduced to new products don't you think? Whole new words are created and seo companies need to investigate them so that their messages are familiar to their target audiences.

Maybe some of you e-cigarette fans doing seo might want to consider how you are going to build those new portals of yours that don't have hundreds of testimonials about why you think vaping and e-juice is better than analogs. You could always collect cigarette jokes, make funny cartoons which image search engines love and think of ways to make smokers laugh. Maybe you need to give them alternatives if they want to give up altogether? I am sure people have their stories to tell and smokers know how hard it is to quit and what a relief it can be if they find a way to do that. I also believe that smokers don't appreciate people telling them over and over again things they already know as if they were children and did not know better. By the way, that is not how a good salesman would try to persuade someone.


                             PING PONG BALL CONCLUSION

Although this older student was trying to punish me by forcing to write a three page essay (he had caught me smoking) I did actually learn a lot about what is inside a ping bong ball. I had to think deeply about whether or not it was a vacuum or if it contained air (mostly nitrogen, carbon-dioxide & other elements) and things like moisture content and space/volume. Yes! I was being punished but this older boy did not realize that he was actually part of an instrument to further my education. What practical use does thinking about things from different angles have to do with increasing your exposure on the web? To know more about that you might to consider using something like this to inspire you further.