What on earth does a man have to do with Nail Art and learning how to make a Playboy Bunny on Nails? Probably everything if it means something to him. I like to promote certain things and if you spend time on this website you will realize that it covers a whole host of topics. A few weeks ago I was interested in Reggae Got Soul Music because I saw a live concert and was stunned at the fact that I had been missing some good information on the history of Reggae. I am not going to tell you about the history because today is a day for Playboy Bunny Nail Art. Yes! We need to take a break and think pink! Playboy actually have quite a cute black bunny logo. So how can we enjoy the benefits of having this on our nails? Well - 


It seems that there are a few nail artists who have been fascinated with the "Bunny" but they are all quite different. Here is another approach -


Here the Bunny is done in white. I guess there is a christmas feeling about it and people have their reasons for wanting to use either black or white for bunny. This particular design also uses a darker pink at the nail tips.

Since we are talking about Pink it really does have something to do with the Pink Panther as well doesn't it? Wow! Do you want to know how to make a Pink 3D Gradient effect on your Nails? Here is some yet again and I will say no more except what is written below her presentation.


This part has to do with how the image of the Pink Panther has affected my own life. Of course I know that the Pink Panther is a cartoon character but whoever made those movies was probably intelligent in a certain way that most people will most likely never perceive if they do not think about cartoon producers. The question is "How many cartoonists do you personally know?" Of course, everyone knows their cartoons - but do cartoonists really get the credit? Is it only their characters that receive praise? Take a look at this website and know that an Avatar is being used. I don't have a problem anymore with expressing myself to a wider audience in this way and if you want to know why, then maybe you can learn about my definition of an Avatar