This website has nothing to do with selling services to artificially inflate the popularity of a website by paying people to press +1 buttons which are similar in function to the Facebook Like Button but this page is predicting that since websites are most likely going to be valued by the number of plus one +1 numbers they have, then this will be seen by seo companies as a new way to exploit the system i.e. people will be searching for answers using terms like "Google Plus One Exploit" and there will be others ready to meet their needs. SEO is now more alive than ever! Want to find out about MONEY MOUSE? Forget Mickey Mouse Games because MONEY MOUSE pays cash! Click on the video if you want to see what some of your competitors are doing right now. No! Its not about people participating in the multi-billion dollar secret sales of backlinks but something else!


Who on earth am I? Take a look at my Twitter Channel. I am organic on Twitter and have over 10,000 followers but I realized after following so many people than more than 99% are robots. What does that tell you about as a sample of the percentage of automated software programs that people are now using to increase popularity? It is absolutely alarming when someone discovers this and they might want to join me in  resisting the robots on every social network that uses Like, Plus One (+1) buttons, multiple redirects and autotweet, autofollow and everything else that is now fake. Too much is fake, fake and fake again and getting popular is easy to do if you pay for it. Not everyone is completely fake and I want to talk about Gamers who really enjoy the social aspect associated with their cyberspace network.

The Facebook Like Button has already taken young people ( which includes millions of gamers)  by storm and they are the next generation to come. If you have penetrated the world of gamers you have already secured your future because they spend more time on the internet than anyone else. Take a look how Gamers now adore the Facebook Blue Hand. It is very difficult for anyone to stop this wave of dark blue power covering the landscape of cyberspace but just like everything, you can buy popularity on the net i.e. people are already selling services to click FaceBook like buttons for others. Since the Facebook like hand eclipses anyone else's attempt to compete with it's popularity I have included two videos on the same theme i.e. penetration of Facebook Likes into the Gaming Community. Some Gamers are so intense with the game that they can go without sleep for several days and keep on playing. These are extreme internet users who can also build a unique 50 page website in a few days and know instinctively what is going on in cyberspace and who is manipulating who because they learned about cheaters using bots to increase hit points on their games just like bots can be used on the internet to increase popularity so don't think Intense Gamers are ignorant. Do you want to know some gaming history compiled by a former extreme Gamer? We are the most advanced social network on the internet and have a right to give our opinions on who is using bots and cheats but few people are listening because they never spent enough time finding out what people get up to on a social network.


Will Google be implementing clever ways of protecting this new plus one system from being abused? Well, first let's take a look at what it actually is. Before that you might want to know about ZERO BUDGET SELLING because it is not necessary to always pay to succeed.


The Plus (+) Sign Plus One is kinda like the Facebook "like" button. If you have never seen this blue button, then the following media presentation *below- will show you what the Facebook blue button looks like. I thought this one was the most interesting and least boring because it was titled "The Facebook Like Button Emblem Call of Duty Black Ops Emblem" and it goes to prove that Gamers know about it and gives us an idea of how popular Facebook has become with Gamers who are the most powerful future social network experts on the net. I am an ex gamer and participated in beta testing for the world's first MMORPG - Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games and have far more experience with social networks than most people. I am qualified to speak about this. I also participated and interacted way before the rise of the  false social network 

Internet Interactive Games are currently the only true advanced form of social networking on the internet and with millions of young people participating so it is entirely relevant. Some of the older people working on the internet have not been paying attention and that is because they have never been part of an advanced interactive social network e.g RPG. You only have to go to a public bar, disco or sports club to know what social means. You do not learn what social means from some blog designed by a marketing company pretending to be social. If you are interested in these things then simply play one of them for a few months and you will understand why. It is pointless believing what people say on blogs about them until you try yourself. To understand this you must follow the link to MMORPG above. Anyway, let's take a look at the Facebook "like" button from someone who is "truly" social and providing unique content out of passion rather than for profit. This guy deserves far more Youtube views than he is getting right now and so I want to be social too and embed his video for us to see and also not become guilty of oppressing  the new generation who will eventually take over the world. If you don't want to be guilty of being uninterested in young people, then watch this guy's video. I want to increase his popularity organically because his video  is like a prophecy of the power of Facebook and the Like Button.

                WILL  SOME PEOPLE BE SEEING GOOGLE's +1  AS +$1 ? 


OK, the point is this-

1- People on Facebook are not normally trying to use Facebook to sell something. Most people on Facebook use it for social reasons (but this is also changing) 

2- People who sell things through websites are not concerned about being social. They want to sell and make money, even if it means being fake.

3. Since the top priority for website seo is to get websites and pages on those website higher in search engine rankings or more visibly popular, we are going to see millions of people trying to find ways to artificially exploit the system and so pressing a "like" button or a "plus one" button will become a serious business.

                                SHOW ME THE EVIDENCE?

Sure, it's not a problem to prove it. Let's take Twitter value for example. Currently most people using Twitter are fake. How do I know this? Well, you have to seriously spend time on Twitter to know this. Once you have spent enough time on Twitter you will know about the rise of the robots and you will see that people are paying seo companies who have developed programs like Auto Tweet and Auto Blog and Auto Follow etc etc.. to increase their presence in the social network sphere. What is the reason for this? It is MONEY and not for social reasons at all. Money is the main reason why people are joining social networks outside of Facebook. I believe it is better to separate business from social don't you? Do you want to pay people to like you? Yeuch! Paying for a business to be liked is something entirely different.. LOL!


Take a look at my Youtube video production. I think it was a reasonable production but it took several months for an organic comment. I could of changed this but I let it ride instead. If I want to artificially inflate the number of "like" votes it is quite easy to do. What it requires is to pay for a service that will allow me to pretend I am on other networks (IP addresses) to fool the search engines who are trying to figure out how many responses are coming from unique networks or a much easier way is simply have an seo team do it. A team that has people on different IP addresses with valid accounts. It is so easy to fool the system if you have lots of different people involved in it. If you don't understand this it might help knowing about proxy or cloud computing

If you understand these things, then you might be ready to understand that seo services are going (and already do) offer people access to the internet through multiple networks so that you can view the same pages through hundreds if not thousands of unique IP addresses using multiple identities. Having this sort of power allows people to artificially inflate things like "like buttons" and "plus one" buttons. People might also develop programs that allow others to share their internet connection (similar to bittorent) so that you can ride on someone else's IP address while they ride on yours etc. Network engineers will understand what I am talking about.

People will do anything to make money and part of making money these days is artificially inflating the value of a website. So, get ready for a whole new era of seo services that want to exploit new vulnerabilities. 

Can you not see that the guy who made the first video on this page is trying to be helpful, friendly and social to his network while most others pretending to be on social networks are not ? Although I am not really much of a Facebook user I believe Facebook is a social network because it does not tempting me to use it to manipulate website value as much as other programs.

If you really enjoyed reading this, then you might also enjoy a Definition for "What is a Salesman". I looked through search engines and have found their definitions totally irrelevant so I made a video and am setting the record straight..LOL!