If you are an Indian Seo you are probably going to be more familiar with  technical terminology than most. This is because of the high percentage of students in India who have opted to study subjects related to technical products and services. My guess is that you also know about working hard on the web to produce materials for your overseas clients that are not only of a satisfactory standard but also ready for search engines. My guess is that people who have multiple tasks at hand with a short time frame to accomplish them can easily feel that they are under pressure. Well, there is always hope that you will be able to find some interesting website that is able to relate to the things you are now concerned about.

             pressure gage

              Fig 22.3 Pressure Gages and Brass Regulator Valve

So what about this pressure? Well, we need to see where it is coming from and how it can be regulated and released. Maybe writing about our concerns will act as a vent system when needed. I thought that the image above might help to visualize what might be important for you to know at this time. The are two gauges represented and they are functioning as indicators for the inlet and outlet gas pressure of a bomb if they were manufactured in steel and preferably stainless steel. I do appreciate that not everyone has an interest in metallurgy so I have linked to something in Wiki that explains it very well. However, there are things that you still cannot find in Wikipedia and no-one is bothering to update them.  As of March 13, 2011 I still cannot find anything on Wikipedia that gives a definition of a gas bomb as it related to the natural gas and oil industry. I have given up spending time updating Wikipedia because I have caught several people using it as an SEO strategy and I have warned them but there are so many of them who are working for commercial companies and are controlling those pages in groups. Unless someone with authority from that website contacts me about it I now feel that the only thing I can do is to educate those who are interested in the definition by using my own original stock photos and explanations on the Whois Bid site. I hope this website will be a sight glass to anyone out there who knows exactly what I am talking about and if it is not then you can simply rejoice that I have left an image of a sight glass here so that those in the sight glass industry feel more at home. I am also hoping that I am monitoring the pressure and that I am acting as a pressure gage and being true to the definition (which can be spelt gage or gauge) by discussing issues that are not normally discussed in non technical circles.

              sight glass

No-one will be able to edit or kick me out of Wiki here because I own this domain name and currently have the energy and the power to make it as relevant as I possibly can. So, what is a gas bomb? If you work for a company like Swagelock they will have plenty of people who can explain it but not everyone works for them and neither do I, although I think that they are a good company because one of their Twitter Accounts sent me a friendly message which made me think about them. This is something amazing about Twitter when it is actually working for you but right now I am involved in a Battle against Twitter Robots and also waiting for the SE Image Bots to cache my unique photographs faster than they currently doing because people are copying my images and probably getting credit for them before I do. On top of that I am finding that most of the recent hype about social media is mostly fake. What can someone do to release the pressure that surrounds us? The answer is not to keep making fake blogs which do not contain original content. You can also join me on Twitter and discuss these issues and maybe social media might work even better for both of us.

               gas bomb

             Fig 77.9 Gas Bomb for taking samples of Pressurized Gas

I believe that pictures can oftentimes speak much louder than words and so in the image above you can clearly see what a gas bomb is and will probably never forget. This means that I am bringing unique content to an audience who appreciates it. I am hoping that the recent war on content farms will continue and that those who have spent enormous amounts of time making sure that they are not plagiarizing other people's work will be rewarded. Just how effective the search engines are going to be in the battle against scraping programs and cheaters remains to be seen. I fully support those companies who want this, simply because they have been following the rules and doing everything they are supposed to do for a long while.

             electrical pump motor

            Fig 123.8 Pump Motor/ Casing and Junction Box

What are websites for anyway? Should they not be a source of encouragement to others and a warning to those who are not playing the game as they are supposed to? We need more of those people who are willing to Pump others up, don't we? if you are using a centrifugal pump you will know that it first has to be primed and so we too need to make sure that malfunctioning social media also needs a primer system. We all know what software engineers can do but what about robot engineers? Surely the real robot engineers know how to battle against the armies of auto blog, auto tweet, auto auto that we are currently being bombarded with in the era of web 2.0 Where are you guys? Have you also succumbed to the current insanity?