Who are you trying to be beautiful for? Is it for yourself? I don't think so! If you are like most women then there will probably be two reasons why you want to look stunning. Some women want to look good simply because they feel they are in a competition with other women. Yes! You only have to see what is going on with Youtube to conclude that many women (now young women too) are in a race to be the latest and greatest in fashion, design, beauty, health and anything that revolves around a kind of popularity amongst females. Some women are now equating their beauty with the number of subscribers who link to their channel. Oh, I am not singling out women at all because men have their own competition going on and it usually has to do with business. Yes! A man's pride is normally in what he does while a woman likes to pride herself in her outward beauty. The second reason is probably the best reason but it might take some time for women to reach this place. What place is that? It is when you want to be pretty for your man! When a woman takes care of herself she probably has a greater chance of keeping her man interested in her. This is not true in all cases but there are now so many women who have discovered the power of exercise and this is about beauty but also about discipline. When a woman gets into a successful exercising program and becomes fit over a long period of time then she can feel proud that she has learned how to commit herself to something that has all kinds of benefits, even when it hurts! 


There is something else to beauty and this is the hidden beauty of  women who possess a quiet spirit. Women who try to bully others really look so ugly to a lot of men. If you want to be a friend of men who have balls and earn their respect, then you might find you have to separate yourself from women who like to gossip about others. Find women friends who actually want you to be successful with your boyfriend and your marriage because some women don't want others to succeed. Come on! If you are a woman you will know about this!  Who are the most beautiful women? The most beautiful to men are the ones who love their man and support him through thick and thin. Do you know what kind of power you possess? You can either empower your man or make him feel like he is nothing to you. It does not matter what gifts or what money you have- what matters is your concern for him. Watch the next video because it is possible to still be excited about fashion and beauty but at the same time retain your inner beauty. 


OK- Now that this has been settled I want to introduce you to a woman who is kind and yet beautiful at the same time. Her name is YuMostar. Take a look at her Snow Princess Eye Makeup! It is incredible. Please see it and then let me tell you what it tells me.


YuMostar knows how to be kind to men and also look stunning. I think that she has a good technical appreciation for eye make up and the gemstones (although probably not worn in public) really do enhance the power of the blue  outlines for her green eyes. Did you see her 120 color palette? I am sure that she spent time thinking about the colors for the presentation. She also introduced me to Jade Volum Express Mascara Black, P2 Snowglam and how to really make proper use of black and white false eyelashes. The addition of the crystal stone is also discreet because it is just the right size and will enhance the sparkle effect of women's eyes.

This is not the main reason why I respect YumoStar. No! I respect her because she has a good understanding about etiquette on the internet. I am sure that in real life she conducts herself in a similar way.