How will you know or detect if a phone is made in China? Does it matter where it is made anymore? Every day there are internet users searching for information about private labeling and if you are interested in selling anything from clothes to ladies handbags , perfume and even fire alarm systems under your own brand, then what you want is to be able to contact a manufacturer who will be willing to provide you with products and sometimes even software that will appear to originate from you but is actually made by someone else. It might also be interesting for some people to know that an extremely large percentage of products sold to English speaking internet users do not originate from the USA, United Kingdom or Europe. There are of course exceptions and those companies might want people to know that they are an oem manufacturer 

                private telephone

                The Phone above could be manufactured by Whoisbid!

Information on product country origin and  who actually makes products is a subject that we could discuss forever because if you are looking at any final manufactured product you will have to realize that it is normally made up of parts that do not come from the same source. Any good salesman will know this but of course there will be people who protest and say that something is entirely made by them when it is probably not. If someone takes the time to investigate, they will realize that very few people can actually claim that they manufacture something entirely by themselves. I personally have no respect for most multi-level marketing companies because I find their products are normally inferior to products sold in shop windows, they are more costly and they do not teach their people to be professional salesmen. The worst MLM scams are those that are not actually selling something that exists. If you want to know about mass manipulation using the power of persuasion to trick others into signing up for something that is meaningless I have produced the following video for your entertainment. Of course the video could be improved but spending too much time on MLM scams could mean that I lose focus and have nothing positive to say. If you are able to put up with dry humour then by all means watch the video. 



Some of you will not fall for the guy in video (well, you know it's me don't you) but there are going to be millions of people who fall for something a bit more sophisticated than what I produced. These people are going to make business decisions based on social media rather than on facts, knowledge and experience. Let's forget about selling for the moment. What kind of buyer are you? Are you a buyer that only deals and purchases goods and services from your friends or do you want to buy reasonably good products from those whom you trust can actually deliver them? Do you want to be known as a charismatic mind influencing manipulator whose job is to literally possess others or simply a reliable supplier? If you choose the latter, then I have some good news for you but you might need to start investigating  a lot of things from now on and actually do some work. Some of you know this already and you will simply rejoice that someone else is singing the same tune as you.


If someone thinks that I am having a go at all the manufacturers in the world who provide goods and services then they will not of read this far. It means that I failed to reach you. Maybe I don't want to reach you because you are one of those people who depend on manipulation techniques to sell to others. Those of you who have remained don't have to worry about me doing that to you because I know that you are not going to read everything on my website and become part of a whoisbid religion. No, you can view this page, think about it and go and do something else like follow me on Twitter... LOLĀ± or you can simply digest the information and forget about it for now because you are happy to work for someone else and would rather be an employee. There is nothing wrong with that too!

                          USING THE PHONE AS AN EXAMPLE

I am going to use a phone in my home as an example. It's just an ordinary phone that uses two wires to connect to a switchboard. I am sure that I could smash my cellphone and use it as an example but I don't think it will be necessary. By the way, I use a very cheap mobile phone because I personally can't be bothered to keep up with the latest and greatest. I would rather have an expensive Gold Rolex Watch on my wrist than the latest mobile gadget. You can guess that I am no longer a teenager and that is ok because the demographics of this website tells me that my audience is mainly adults. Of course young people are welcome here too but I expect that most of them are too busy on Facebook right now. Lets get to the point, shall we? Take a look at the original  images of the phone. I have not copied images from anyone but I realize that they are quite poor. Maybe I need a photographer from one of those stock photos sites to sell me pictures that have never been used by anyone but for now I hope these will do!  

                         MAKE BELIEVE WHO IS BID PHONE 

This is something I made up but it could be real. If we did not have a ton of cash to buy thousands of mobile phone internals from China we could always think about entering the phone business but narrowing our market down to something a little less competitive but rewarding at the same time because the goods that we provide are not going to be too common. I know that this phone example here is probably quite common but it is just being used to spark someone's imagination. This "make believe" whois bid phone has it's main parts made in China but the electronics are from Korea and the pieces are sent separately to whois bid and assembled in whois bid's garage. This phone looks like it can't do anything and that was the intention of the designer. It is not meant to draw attention because it is part of a security system. Can you see the handle on the right hand side of the phone? This is connected to a special alarm system which is triggered when you rotate the handle on the right. In order to trigger the alarm you have to say hello, hello, hello i.e. hello three times while holding the handle and giving it more than a 180 degree rotation. Who needs this kind of phone? I honestly don't know but it is just an example of a product that has components made in different parts of the world that are assembled in the USA or UK and sold to a special market in Canada through a website owned by an Indian seo. The point is that if you come up with a great idea first and don't tell anyone about it on the internet. Make sure you don't invest too much in the beginning if you are not sure about it and most definitely don't announce it on the internet until you are sure that it works.