If someone were to ask me to write about a good product, I would probably want to write about the Pelican Case. No, I don't sell laptop bags, carry on luggage or work for Pelican either! I don't have any involvement in the case, laptop case, rucksack or carry on baggage industry. I am writing about a product I believe in because I have used many of the models they have on offer. I have also recommended their cases to certain businessmen who have adopted the case because they were transporting delicate electronics. Sometime back, I managed to meet someone from the Pelican HQ while he was visiting his local distributor. I happened to be in the right place at the right time and was fortunate enough to receive a gift from Pelican. I am grateful for the gift and believe it was a good idea that they gave it to me. What was it? Well, it was a Pelican Case! I was fascinated with their business and would not have a problem selling their products but it never happened and I am ok with that. Let's say I am a satisfied customer. 

             mini pelican case

                       Why I still remember Pelican Cases

This was a unique case to me because it was much smaller than the rest that I had been used to. The image above shows a mini case which is just a bit smaller than my hand. Here is another image which will give you an idea of how it was being used in my particular case. 


           waterproof cases

           My waterproof,shockproof and crushproof mp3 player

Basically I never have to worry about damaging my mp3 player through wind, rain, snow or storm anymore.


I have not checked whether Pelican have any social media presence and to be honest with you I could not really care less about it. The reason I say this is because I believe that manufacturers who make a damn good product don't need all that nonsense as much as everyone else does. No! Pelican is selling something that is a damn good product, very cleverly designed  and extremely useful to people. I can vouch for their quality for whatever it is worth. I have never had a problem with a Pelican case and in my dealings with them I have found them to be serious business people who try to deliver what they promise. I am sure there are tons of applications for Pelican cases but the main reason I have used them is because I needed to protect something of great value during transportation. If you are transporting delicate instruments worth several thousand dollars you can of course get insurance for those items if you are sending them by airfreight or courier but some people don't want the hassle of having to make insurance claims on damaged products. No! They want to deliver their products in tact to their clients. One of the best ways to ensure this is to put it in a Pelican Case.

            document protection cases

I know that there are other cases on the market with a similar purpose but I am not really interested in buying those cases. Pelican has done something to impress me overall and I will specify Pelican whenever I get the chance. Did you know that it is possible to make someone faithful to a brand? Well, Pelican have managed to do that with me. When a brand does that to someone, it is very difficult for them to change. It has nothing to do with their website or their social media presence. To me it has everything to do with the fact that their design engineers know how to make cases and they make a bloody good case as far as I am concerned.

Wow! I managed to find a video showing something similar to the case that Pelican gave me. Maybe this video will give a better idea of the applications which include using it for your iPhone. I guess it can be used for Windows phones too and any communication device that will fit into it.