If you have just been offered a new job that requires you to change your current location and it is the first time that you have ever had to think about moving then thoughts of having to do the work of carrying household appliances, valuables and even heavy items that you own might be crossing your mind right now. Of course if you are single student who and don't own a thing, it might be possible to fit all your worldly belongings into a large rucksack and not even think twice about the matter. This however isn't going to be true for families who have gathered hundreds of items which all unique and and need specially designed boxes depending on their overall dimensions and weight. There is something called "dimensional weight" and anyone who is in the transportation business, freight forwarding, courier or even shipping business should know how to calculate dimensional weight  


What about relocation and moving services? What metric will they use to determine the cost of moving? There is also the question of those delicate glass items which need extra special attention during the packing stage. Although a glass item might be small, the chances are that fragility increases the dimension of the package needed to ensure the goods don't crack or break during handling. I am sure that women don't want their latest perfume collection leaking all over the place and if they are really troubled about this they might carry it themselves and keep it out of the moving plan.

               perfume leak

I am only talking about family relocation and believe that company relocation services are going to have a tougher time than your run of the mill apartment or house relocation service provider.

               air conditioning move

What about the air conditioners or heaters? (depending on where we live) Is the moving company going to help me relocate those? Whose responsibility is it going to be to unhook our various electrical appliances, transport them and re-install them at the new location? That requires some skill sets don't you think? What kind of skills does your moving specialist have and just how much can he really help you? Oh, I almost forgot to ask how much is it going to cost? I believe that any moving company worth their salt will want to have a pitch that they have learned from good salesmanship and explain to their potential clients about the value of giving the responsibility to a trusted handling officer who is going to save your money despite the fact that you are paying money. Huh? Yeh! If you are a really busy person with a large family, you will not want to have too many added responsibilities while moving and if you can afford to have someone else do the work for you, then I think some of you will be saving a lot time and money. Businessmen especially, know that time is money. So, you can do the calculation and see whether or not it is justifiable to accept the expenses incurred when using a specialist mover. Obviously some people will have no choice because they don't have easy access to trucks, large vehicles and larger numbers of people trained to do a move quickly and efficiently. I am sure it is also going to be far more difficult if the move is international.

               moving transportation

Don't you think that people in the moving business are in a highly competitive field and that is is important for you to think about getting as many referrals as possible?  Moving is not something that happens everyday for everyone and so you need to be ready. This means that you need to plan ahead and introduce yourself to all kinds of people in the hope that they will feel that they can trust you and most importantly of all that they will remember that you are a moving specialist and know how to take off the burden of worrying about the move. If you are in moving business you are welcome to comment.