I would like to express my gratitude to engineers, especially great Robotic Engineers. I don't know if many people think about this but Robots are so complex and if someone were to be classified as a top Robotic engineer I believe that they ought to get a prize for being able to embrace and understand a very wide set of engineering skills. To remain true to one of the purposes of this site I have to tell you that I am writing my own material and am not using an automated software program to produce content in a robot like manner. Let's say that I want to produce sites with the best scraper ratio humanly possible. If you don't believe my definition of scraping you can always perform a search for "scraper ratio" and see what search engine robots have determined to be the most relevant website for this term. 

                                                                                              robotic engineers 

Fig 10. 1 Is there a flow chart for a Robotics Engineer?

I know that a Robotics engineer will have the patience to read all of this page. How come I know this? I know this because I have stayed in the same apartment with one of them for a period of time. This guy could eat engineering and software books like they were wafer chips! I was also impressed by this individual's ability to grasp so many engineering disciplines like mechanical engineering, instrumentation, fluid dynamics, electronics, electrical and I could go on. On top of these fundamentals he also had no problem in learning new programming languages both high and low level. He was one of those people who liked explaining why it would be better to use C instead of VB for a certain task. I know that he has to explain things so simply to others because they won't be able to understand what he is doing. Let's say he has given up trying to explain. Well, I respect him for that! This particular person I knew was not proud either. He had a PhD and he used to joke that it stood for "permanent head damage!" The amazing thing about this person is that he was also interested in computer networks, cloud computing and believe it or not some of the subjects in the video below.


Let me tell you something about this particular engineer. He expects a manual to give proper instructions and directions that lead to logical paths. If you make a flow chart for him or instructions with YES or NO (on or off), he will not have a problem being left alone to follow it. The problem comes when you present something that does not follow any proper path i.e. it is not a black and white situation but a grey one. This is where a short circuit happens because you cannot follow positive and negative at the same time. You must have direction and a logical route for everything. Why am I talking about this? Well, it is because I was fortunate enough to spend time with him to find out a secret about the programming world. He told me that serious programmers now prefer spending time with machines as opposed to people. The justification for this was that the machines are predictable while human beings are not. He also explained to me that people who spend enormous amounts of time with machines find people to be draining.



How on earth are these machine lovers going to be able to communicate with humans in the future? Although you do not find much of what humans are doing of much interest to you I would recommend learning to mimic some of their actions. This is because you are great developers and you need to make sure that humans do not exploit you too much. This is where the true definition of the Android might be relevant to you. What about the robotic engineer that I mentioned earlier? Well I believe he was trying to understand a bit more about sales and marketing because he probably didn't want to fall into the trap of making things and not being able to sell them. He wanted to know who are the good salesmen that would be able to make money on the project he hoped to finish one day. I guess that this robotic expert knew about the world we live in and how technical people need to find better ways to sell their final products. If they could mimic human behavior a tiny bit more for sales purposes, then maybe they would be able to win the hearts of more of the human beings who don't understand everything they are doing to invest more.  I am having fun making fun of technical people... but Oh! You probably want to design a robot to do your social work for you.. LOL!