If you intend to produce a Youtube video, you may have noticed that copied music (popular music) gets turned off depending which part of the world you live in. There is a way to overcome this and still have pretty decent music for your Youtube video, your company presentation, music for your website or blog. We have quite a choice and if you need country and western, rock, heavy metal, Jazz or even horror, well they seem to have them all.


I personally find it to be fun to check out different companies and what they offer because they aren't all exactly the same and I believe that there is room on the net and in the market for all of them right now.


Maybe you are looking for some piano music? I am sure that the company below will be able to give you something soothing, traditional or even mystical. I have probably used about 10 different companies for stock music and I guess you can get a discount if you are faithful to the company you buy from. You will have to check with them all because I am sure that some of them have special offers for their best clients. 


Some countries could not care less about copyright law or intellectual property while others take it far more seriously.

Could it be that you run a business and need some music that is a bit more upbeat? Some kind of music that makes your company seem sharp and modern but hip?


I guess that there are always ways to prevent copying someone's music but if you are thinking about music being part of a money making project you might not feel comfortable doing that. In any case, who wants record companies sending you threats? If you have a low budget you will normally find tracks that are not expensive. 

              motor music

A little bit of music "might" speed you up!


I could not really care less how you judge my limited html skills because one thing I can be proud of about this website is I have not copied anything from anyone. Yes! This is a 100% original website. If a search engine crawls it is going to find that we have a very very low scraper ratio. Well, unfortunately all of them are currently failing to see this and this is the only place where I mention it. I like to hide things and not allow them to be obvious. What I can tell you is the search engines are pretty dumb. Did you know that there is a difference between what resides on your website server and what you embed? Theoretically a search engine out to be able to see who copied my images. Well, you personally can search for copies of images too but to be honest with you it does not mean much if you don't have high page rank in my opinion. This is because new sites are not considered to be valuable because they don't have high page rank links to them. This means that the new sites are extremely vulnerable. It is probably a good idea to put a lot of rubbish on your website for about a year and keep building it till it gets enough traffic for you. After that you can improve and edit it.


              music day

You might be able to take your own photos but producing music is far more difficult. If you are talented in this way, then LUCKY YOU!           

                                COPYRIGHT FREE MUSIC

I am not going to go into any deep explanation of what copyright free music is except that normally when you buy this music you will be allowed to use it over and over again on your website or somewhere else. You will probably need to check the  different terms and conditions that apply to the usage of  the music. These rules will be normally be detailed by the music supplier. Royalty Free Music, just like Royalty Free Pictures can save you enormous amounts of time if you are trying to complete a web project. Yes, of course you have to normally pay a small fee for each track or album, but if you are not musically inclined and have tried to produce your own content, you will know about the enormous amount of time it is going to take to compose just one original piece. I am not currently aware of how advanced search engines are in the area of giving credit to originally composed music and so I have left this open for anyone more experienced than me to comment. In real life, you are not always going to see the best songwriters and musicians become popular. This is because you need a sponsor who can get you into the right places at the right moment to do something that could turn your popularity around. Doesn't this show you something about the power of a music network? I guess that most people know that it is not just about music anyway. There are other reasons for someone being a fan of a particular musician or group. Since this website has been designed for "the rest of us" my guess is that most of the people coming here are not going to be well known personalities, famous  artists, musicians or pop stars. You are probably  someone who wants to add some more flavour to your website and are thinking about the best way to go about it. 

               background music

Hey, I know some young people who can make pretty good music and pretty fast with some software programs but I don't have that ability to learn and do things that fast. If we can't do it fast, then we should just buy something someone else made and let them make a profit.

                              EXPERIMENTING WITH MUSIC

I am a music lover but certainly don't believe I am able to produce music that would appeal to a listener. This website is about SEO, isn't it? Well, even an SEO might find that he is going to be forced to do something with a form of media including music. This is because movies, music, cartoons and animation could be considered to be "rich content" by search engines. Don't you believe that these kinds of things will only ad to a ranking factor for a website? Since I can't really produce my own music I am faced with the option of either copying  a music track from someone else or signing up and getting into the habit of buying royalty free music. Even though you did not compose the piece, it can be used to keep your viewers a little bit more interested in your media (especially if the content is dry)  since we all know that music is an incredibly powerful force. Even simple sounds injected into a movie at certain points can raise or lower the emotions of the viewer. I don't claim to be an expert in any of this and that is why I pay for music and videos that are composed by others.

               music industry

Music is definitely moving upwards! I mean Royalty Free Music.


If you are a "text only" individual, you might find it interesting to see how advanced and how easy it currently is to buy royalty free music. Whether you intend to simply have some soothing acoustic background music, make a corporate presentation, produce a documentary film or just need some pop or rock to promote your product it is only going to take a short amount of time to find what you want. Some of the websites selling music also might be offering some free music clips. These clips might be only short duration clips but at least stock music is going to be better than the limited choice you have in your default movie making program. 

I forgot to tell my readers that there are also places where you can get music to use for absolutely free. This might be great for some of us but others might want to be more exclusive and actually pay for something different. The choice is yours!