First of all. I would like to show my appreciation to a companies who provide  High Quality Royalty Free Pics. If you are a webmaster and have been involved in particular projects that needed some particular images in order to complete the project within a certain time frame, then these types of websites might be your salvation.

Don't you think that a photo image is able to say something that might take a whole paragraph to explain? For example, take a look at the picture below. If I told you that I owned the windmill in this photograph, but hated the day when everyone wanted their own telephone line, you could easily figure out why. I don't own that windmill, but apparently I do own this image because it is unique and has never been shown in public before. I believe that the best and most advanced image search engine should be able to identify this as unique. Don't you?


                         The story of Technology Pollution

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Why did I go and buy Royalty Free Pics? Well, I did not have any decent pictures of my own for that recent project and there was no time to arrange to to make them. I have to admit that I have used some images that did not belong to me in the past and probably 99.999% of people who are reading this have done the same.

I believe that Search Engines that have been around for some time will know this and they have to forgive many people's sins, but I think that there probably comes a time when they will require us to repent and change our ways.  The reason why I no longer want to use anyone else's material is probably for a different reason than most people would imagine. I am going to be honest with you and tell you why. I believe that any website that has any hope of becoming highly visible in the future needs to be whiter than white. If you end up doing something that makes a ton of cash, don't you think there are going to be people watching you?  If they see that you have profited from what other people have done, but at the same time much of your success has been from using a  web scraper , then how can you hold your head high in the future and be proud of your success? You will have to hide, wont' you? Would you want to show a picture of your face in a social network and have people accuse you of being a copy cat? What if technology changes to the point where  trusted social network links will play a huge part in ranking algorithms, but you don't dare show the websites you own because all your projects are non original and simply scrapes of what others have done. 

SEO TIP  I believe in the next few years we are going to see a lot of sinners spending time updating their websites and cleaning them up - ridding themselves of copied material. Wow, that is going to be a mammoth task for some of you, isn't it? If you start today, you will be far ahead of everyone else who does not believe this.


Some people imagine that it is not necessary to know about something until everyone else does. This is the easy way and does not require anyone to use their brains to try and predict what future trends might be. Of course, I could be wrong couldn't I? Even if I was wrong, there is something you can be proud of if you produce original content. You can be proud that you did something unique in the world.

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What I predict is that Search Engines more and more will be looking out for copied images, copied text, copied music (already happening), copied movies, copied speech etc. You only have to read between the lines by seeing what happens to unauthorized music on Youtube videos. What happens? Well, the music stops for those videos.


Take some time away from this website and do some research on "ready made websites" where you can buy a domain name and content in one package. Take a look at how much these sites are going for. You will see that people are selling them for a few bucks. Yes, that is what they should sell them for because it only took them a few minutes if not seconds to make. I bought one of these websites recently but don't expect much from it. There, you know something about me now, don't you? My personal feeling is that people who have spent precious time providing unique content or making unique sites for others should be paid much more than the norm. It is the cheap and dirty websites going for a few bucks that is ruining the webmaster industry, isn't it?   Surely those  who have been producing unique content will be happy when they see technology working in their favour! No, it is not a spelling mistake because I am not American but I do like some of the games they invented!

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                   Spread your chips by preparing for the worst

If you have no experience with predictions, then let me share a basic principle on considering the odds. If all your chips are put in one place, you have just increased the odds against succeeding. It is more likely that one of your chips is going to be a winner if you spread them out a little. Of course you will see some people winning huge amounts in a very short period of time because they banked only on one number but normally most of them also fizzle out sooner. As for Royalty Free Pictures- do you think that someone who uses too many of these might also be in danger of placing all their chips in one place?

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Arena Creative

Excellent and friendly 

Stock Photographer

Amen, spreading out your chips is vital in any business. You can keep all your eggs in one basket, but that can be pretty dangerous.


Yeh! I am glad to see others are thinking this way. BTW, Royalty Free pics have really saved my life when I haven't had time to take photographs. You sleep better at night knowing someone isn't going to be pissed off that you copied their images!

Arena Returns-

most definitely... I know when I worked as a designer we used a crap load of stock photos. We didn't have time to always shoot, design or produce our own images. I then started thinking... and that's how I switched over to the other end :D

me again

I know a guy who spent enormous amounts of time modifying copied images for websites thinking he was saving money but when he discovered royalty free pics, he realized that he might of been losing money because of the enormous amount of time he spent trying to make copied images look like they weren't copied. I try to get people to take their own pics for many reasons but if they are doing lots of websites at the same time, its not really possible.

Arena tells the truth of his past-

I believe it - and in the time spent trying to remove watermarks in Photoshop, they could have spent the money and saved all that time, doing it the honest way.

There is a reason why I think we should not mess with Arena Creative and it is because it looks like he knows about doing his homework in Photoshop. Take a look at his neat video about how to get rid of wrinkles in Photoshop

If you are wondering why I have strange pictures on the left it is because people steal them. Yes! Even though they are not worth anything, people still steal pictures like these. It makes me laugh how people are reduced to this! LOL!  Oh.. here is the Arena Photoshop Tutorial before I forget.