Some particularly untrustworthy DOMAIN RESELLERS are full of nasty tricks to take advantage of the ignorant. If you search the internet you might find a whole bunch of articles about what many of them have been up to. I have found that there is a problem with a large percentage of articles written about them by people who simply want to show off how intelligent they are. Yes of course, they understand what is going on technically and they are definitely going to get full marks for correctness- but some don't bother to explain these things simply for "the rest of us" and so the problem with some informational sites is that you have wade through a whole bunch of useless information to find a couple of generous souls who have made real contributions for "the rest of us"


 Before I continue with some tips about buying LOW COST DOMAIN NAMES , let me explain my background with computers. I started off way back when the internet had kinda just begun for many. I formerly had no interest in using a PC until someone introduced to an RPG (ROLE PLAYING GAME) called Meridian 59. Wow! I was instantly hooked and spent the next few months and years enjoying the role as a successful player killer or PKER until they started introducing corrupt Guardians who abused their Admin powers to bring me into a place called the "OOG" (Out Of Grace) and then to several times suspend my different accounts for not worshipping them or joining some silly guild that was trying to bring false morality into cyberspace. Meridian 59 was initially developed by a company called Archetype Interactive who were then purchased by 3DO in 1996. I was into RPG's long before most people. At that time these kinds of games had not really taken off but I imagined that one day there would be an explosive interest in network games with a new generation of lonely people looking to get connected with others somehow.  Well, this has nothing to do with the contents below but I am hoping that someone else reading this might be able to relate and enjoy what I have to share about naughty DOMAIN NAME RESELLERS .


Fig 10.0 Your domain is "your domain". Do you want domain resellers to exploit what belongs to you without your express knowledge?


WHOIS BID has found that some naughty DOMAIN SALES companies are taking  advantage of their clients without those clients being aware of what they are up to. When you go to register a domain with them you will normally be presented with a choice of whether or not you are going to host with the same company. If you don't host, they still create a default page for your domain which is filled with computer generated text and pay per click adverts. As another alternative , they may offer some kind of other choice of a free page to list some details about yourself. Whichever one you chose, you are still being exploited by them. What they are doing is probably not going to concern most people but if you are planning to use this domain to build a website it is better not to allow these companies to feed any of their own content in your pages because although many search engines will not list these pages in natural search, they will still spider them and these computer generated pages (depending upon which company you used) will still be in the search engine cache for some time- so that, when you finally decide to do something with your site, you may have to wait MUCH MUCH LONGER than usual for the search engine to start spidering your website. We would recommend that if you purchase a domain, you immediately point it to a hosting service and create a few pages so that when the search engine spiders come to visit your domain on the first round, they will know it is definitely not a PARKED DOMAIN and will treat it differently than if you were to leave it on the domain resellers's DOMAIN PARKING program. Take note also that these domain resellers are using your domain to deliver 3rd party adverts to make pay per click money which they are not normally going to share with you and they don't care about what happens.

WHOIS BID also does not really care about these domain name resellers making a bit of money without telling their clients- but the more serious issue for us has to do with our beliefs that when someone has bought a domain and is excited about doing something with it that they won't have to wait for search engines to realize it is not a parked domain but an ACTIVE DOMAIN  that is being developed. If a site is active and always being updated it is most likely going to be spidered much more  frequently than if it was dormant.