Do you know who Rimsky Korsakov is and do you like him? If you do, then you already like someone who is Russian. I am looking for a Russian hero. He is a super Russian SEO in Russia who knows as much as there is to know about the Russian Search Engine called Yandex


If you are not interested in Russian SEO, then at least take a look at this video which is incredibly beautiful and inspiring and is called "Ballet Sheherezade"


Well, if you did actually want to find that special Russian SEO who is not only able to translate your english documents but also has an ability to create Yandex friendly websites (of course let us not forget Google and Rambler)  then this page was designed as bait for someone who is 1. Russian 2. A webmaster and an 3. An SEO

                          THE BEST RUSSIAN SEO COMPANIES

Who are the best Russian SEO Companies? Well, I have a question for you. I believe that your answer to this question will give you an award. The award will be a link to your Russian Webmaster Services. So what is the question?

                         RUSSIAN SEARCH ENGINES GO LOCAL

Some people are interested to know whether or not search results in Russian Search Engines appear the same all over Russian i.e. if we are searching for products and services in Russia whether it be in Moscow, Vladivostok or St. Petersburg - are the results going to be the same. If not, then are there special Russian Proxy Services which will allow people to see the results of their unique content websites in different locations? Maybe this question is too simple and you have a more complex question.


It could be that you have an opinion about foreigners building poorly translated Russian websites which have been targeting Russian, Ukraine and possibly CIS States? Maybe you need to explain to them how it is done and what is actually required to be successful. Could it be that you are going to recommend them to either partner with a local Russian company and leave it to the Russians to do this? Maybe Russians don't have the exactly the same buying habits as English speaking countries do. It is also possible that you don't want to tell anyone because it could be possible that you yourself want to represent those overseas companies. However, the fact still remains that there are people looking for good Russian Translation Services, Russian Webmasters, Russian SEO and if they can't find them they might have to resort to producing a poorly made Youtube in Russian. If you are laughing right now, then I think that you most definitely have a sense of humor because you understand what I am talking about. I have actually been to Moscow several times and like the bread drink called "Kuas" and am not sure that I have even spelt it correctly. See? Even more evidence that I need a Russian to help me do anything in Russia- LOL! Enjoy the Russian Video Production. You can see that it was very low budget and my guess is that some people don't want to pay too much for a Russian SEO. They want a reasonable price.



I believe that the Russian SEO Service companies have a distinct advantage over the USA SEO, UK SEO and even the Indian SEO. The advantage is that those countries don't speak Russian and so your clients will not be able to shop around and use them as a price comparison. Yes! You are in a good position, coupled with the fact that there are plenty of businessmen who find Russia to be mysterious.

                            RUSSIAN SERVICES RESPONSE TIME

There is also another question concerning just how fast we need to work on the Russian project. If we start today will it be weeks, months or years before we see good results on the Russian Web? Is Russian SEO less competitive in Russia compared with someone in the United States who is targeting the US market?