There are people who believe that selling on the internet only involves increasing your web presence. If you have a site that is highly visible you most definitely have some sort of advantage but it is entirely possible that someone with an intention to sell goods and services using the internet as a marketing vehicle might not be seeing as many financial rewards as they would like to. Marketing is one thing and sales is another. There is a difference between marketing and sales and I would like to define the difference in my own way. This might be useful to someone who is trying to understand the job of a salesman. Here is an old video explaining what is needed in a round about way.


One of the most frustrating things for people who are ready to buy something is the fact that no-one is available to help them when they need particular goods and services. If the salesman is ignorant and incapable of assisting a potential client it is even worse. Have you ever been to a site that is highly visible on the net and decided that you might want to purchase some particular services but when you tried to contact the person or people behind this site you found that you did not get a proper response? This is now becoming extremely common. You might see these sites which show a million and one ways to contact the person or people behind it but when you actually try to make contact it becomes extremely difficult. One of the reasons why this is happening is because a lot of powerful sites have been designed to draw in visitors are not actually providing the services which they claim. One of the reasons why this is happening is because the powerful site is probably run by one person and not by a company that has several people who are ready to deal with the enquiries they are receiving from the site users. This means that although the site is powerful from a marketing point of view, it is useless to anyone from a sales angle. We might want to ask the question " What is a salesmen" if we intend to build up a net presence. A salesman is someone who can come up with solutions. It could be that the solution is obvious to him but not so obvious to us. This person will understand the problem and even though they might have an ability to detect whether or not you are going to purchase something they will not stop being of service to everyone wherever possible- because in some cases he could be dead wrong. What do I mean by this? Well, there are certain people who have a stack of cash to spend but they are going to act as if they don't. An inexperienced salesman with a bad attitude will most likely be unwilling to be of service to these individuals because he has decided that they are a waste of time. This customer might own some precious jewels or simply have financial power but he has decided not to display this fact by making it outwardly obvious i.e. he is not making an Empress of Austria Jewel Case.


Most people who keep precious items in their homes will not be displaying them at the front door. No! They will be putting these valuable items e.g gold, diamonds, precious stones and even money in a box that is only worth a penny. 


A great salesman is going to be trained to respect every new person that he meets and not be prejudiced about their external appearance. He is not going to look at whether someone has the latest designer suit , laptop computer or mobile phone. He is going to be a capable salesman because he knows that there are plenty of people who are not going to show their financial capability in public. This salesman is a person who has respect for other human beings and is "Earning the Right" to solve a problem for a potential client who has been rejected by incapable salesmen who thought they were wasting their time with him.