The fact that this site has a reasonably good response to the page with the poor quality but amazingly free video snippet showing John Cleese making sales fun has prompted me to write about "Words that a Salesman should not use?"  Why would I want to answer this question? Am I a salesman? I leave that for you to figure out by watching my video and seeing if you like to do what they do.


These days a salesman is required to know about a lot of things, especially if you are an international salesman. A salesman also has to answer questions and one of the questions someone has asked me in an inadvertent way is" What should a salesman "not" say?

                           SALES QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS

Before I attempt to answer that I want to tell you about this website. This site is unique in many ways and so you are not going to get some information that is found easily elsewhere. I am also not charging anyone and you might be asking how do I make money? You can see there are adverts on this site but they are not the way that this site will make real money. So, why even bother? Well, I leave that for you to figure out for yourself because that it is a key in sales training. The question is "Why Bother?" I bother because I am listening to your questions and want to give some answers. However, the way that I am going to persuade you is not to force you to believe anything or should I say to "buy it!" Some ancient people believe that listening and speaking is the same. Yes! They believed that there was no difference. If you believe that, then the question also becomes "What should a salesman not listen to?" doesn't it? Do you want to know what you should not be listening to? Well, it is my voice but it is also something I am "not selling." I know that most people won't fall for the video simply because I only spent a little time putting it together for people's entertainment and possibly someone's education. I am not in the business of beguiling people. OK don't listen to the video. It is not for you! Skip the bad sales video and go to the next paragraph please.


Why have you read this far? Is it because you trust me now or you are simply curious? Aha! This is another sales technique isn't it? When should we stop? So the question is now also " How much should a salesman say?" Can I please take a break and sell you whoisbid in the next video. Yes! Bid is now everywhere and it only took him four months to do it. Can you do that in four months? If you were not able to do that but you knew that I could, would you buy from me? Would you pay me?  The video gives evidence and by the time you are reading this, it is probably going to be much later than 4 months. Maybe you want to check again with Alexa where Bid is now or you can relax and enjoy the music. 


If I could prove with evidence that can be verified that I could make you a website that would grow fast and be able to bring people to your website in 4 months would you be interested? I just proved something to you that is factual in the video. Maybe you did not like the presentation but I could always pay someone to make it better. The point is I have verified results. The guy in the first video that you watched (LOL) is not able to verify anything. So now another question arises. "What should a salesman sell?" You see the first guy is selling something that does not exist while the second person is selling something real!

                         TRICKED BY SALES TRAINING COURSES 

You see the answer really is that whoever prompted you to find out "What should salesmen "not say" is trying to convince you that sales is all about techniques but in fact it is not at all. Yes, we can be reasonable with people but we might have to be honest too and honesty can lose you a sale. On the other hand your integrity might win you a sale that is 10X bigger than the one you lost. Why is this? This is because buying and selling has to do with trust. So now we have yet another question" Do people trust you?" If they don't, then surely you have to work hard for some time to gain their trust. Why not forget about trying to trick them into trusting you? Why not prove you can be trusted. Can't you see that if someone trusts you, it will not matter what you say because they will know your character and will be able to see "how you are saying it" and not only 'what you are saying'

                                    SALES COMMUNICATON

Now another question has arisen and it asks  - What is "saying?"

Is speaking simply something that you do with your mouth or is it much deeper than that? Don't you think that actions speak too?  Do you believe that certain people can detect what you are saying when you are not moving? if you believe that, then you need to ask "What am I saying?" So, if your intention is to rob, steal and cheat then that is what you are saying and that is what some shrewder people will hear you saying, even if you did not say it with your mouth. So, I have answered the question "What a salesman should not say" If you don't think I have answered the question you are always welcome to refute it and by refuting it you will add to the rich content of this page and increase my own visibility, even if you are against me. LOL! If that is you, then thank you for the free promotion. If you leave a nice comment, then thanks even more!