I personally feel that Online Job Portals will not be able to tell you if someone is a good salesman simply by the fact you are looking  at a good resume. You have to interview people properly in order to know what they are really about. Sometimes people make their resumes too impressive and this can put off certain serious employers who are not impressed by words. I am not saying that your problems can't be solved by using LinkedIn or some other job related portal and I hope you get lucky and locate your man but let me tell you that good salesmen are extremely hard to find. Have you thought about salesmanship? Thinking about becoming a salesman?  Notice I said "good" and the keyphrase is two words and not one. If you are simply looking for a salesman then you know damn well that a good salesman will produce results for your company and that is why you are searching for him.  

                sales call                

               I don't respect voicemail. It means you are unavailable!

                                     WHAT IS A SALESMAN? 

What you see on the WHOIS BID site is not scraped from anywhere. It is most definitely unique. Do some  research on "scraper ratio" if you don't believe it. Use Google to find out what these terms mean if you don't trust that the definition given to you is adequate enough. You can also perform a scan and if you are concerned about the quality or appearance of this site, then by all means understand why a speed development tool has been chosen to create it.    

Do you think that the job of a salesman is only to get the message out? I personally believe that spreading a message is not only the job of a salesman  but also of a marketing man. There is a line between marketing and sales and for most it is extremely difficult to see where the boundaries actually are. Does it matter if our definitions are technically incorrect? I don't think that any of it really matters if we are getting results. Can a person possess marketing and sales skills? If he does, then he should have a clear idea in his mind about the difference between the two. There is no point in telling you what he can do. No! He needs to eventually get a chance to show you what he can do.

               take the phone call

                I need a salesman who will pick up the damn phone!

I know that I have not yet done justice to the title "What is a salesman" but a good salesman would not want to answer any kind of difficult question with a trite explanation. He needs to build up a story. There is something to be said about the power of persuasion isn't there? Remember I am talking about good salesmanship and if someone believes that salesmen can possess integrity, then good salesmen have a responsibility to use their persuasive powers to bring good to a situation and not evil.

              sales training course

                  A bad salesman might have a ridiculous excuse!

                              WHO IS A GOOD SALESMAN?

Someone once asked me the question "Who is a salesman?" and the correct answer had nothing to do with explanations about a man who sells things! So what was the correct answer? According to this successful salesmen the answer was  "A salesman is a Problem Solver" Have you ever heard people say things like "We have the perfect solution for you?" Yes, I am sure you have. Well, the job of the marketing man is to draw in the crowd and the salesman's job is to convince as many people as possible that we have something that you need and we are the best people around who supply these goods and services. It is possible that one person could possess sales and marketing skills but I believe that normally one skill set will be far stronger than the other. If you put a strong marketing and strong sales person together, then you have just created an unstoppable money machine. This team does not need any special seo services because they are already powerful in their own right. However, a specialist might be able to amplify their talents and experiences to a wider audience much faster than the power of the word of mouth. You see, this special team only needs access to more clients. They know that if more people contact them they will able to make a sale.

              sales research

                 A good salesman should not be Narrow Minded!

                                SALES TRAINING COURSES

Everyone likes John Cleese. If you don't there must be something wrong with you. Everyone likes John because I believe if he was not an actor he could do just as well being a bloody good salesman. I guess he already is a good salesman because he has convinced me that there is value in the  John Cleese sales training videos? You won't normally see them on the internet because you have to purchase them. If you are able to afford them, you should pay for them if you respect John enough. John is not selling these vids for 50 bucks a piece and why should he? Go and find out how much he wants yourself. If John ever comes to this site and wants to put anything here he is very welcome. He will know how to contact me by seeing the streaming text on the left. Yes.. What would you be willing to pay to get a Tweet from John Cleese to your website?  When I last looked he had about a million followers. 

The video above is  comedy about a portable computer but I prefer his deeper sales training videos. I have not seen them for ages but I still remember some of the lessons he taught. Actually, what is a Good Salesman? Watch the video and find out!

He has an ability to make the duller sales topics more interesting. Who would be able to remember the following by heart unless John Cleese embedded them into his very fabric? He did that to me! Well, it was not John Cleese but someone who used his videos and then taught the following 5 points but John Cleese would know these things back to front.

1. Earning the The Right

2. Need Development

3. Sales/Customer Awareness

4. Solution

5. Close Sale/Follow Up/ Continual Service

The 5 points in sales could be retold a million times in so many different ways but since a lot of people have poor concentration I have produced the following video as well explaining a version of how to get past the second door when the secretary does not want you to be there.. LOL!

I know that these five points are not exactly the same as they were first presented to me but lets say that I have taken something basic and thought about it for a long time. I have my own 5 points and don't even need to remember them because I have been using them unconsciously in a way that suits my personality. I don't have a formula anymore, I just simply think about how to be of service and I believe that being of service is the summation of any good sales training course. I don't believe in manipulation although it might work for some time. Manipulating people is too tiring if you have a conscience although evil people seem to have made a career out of manipulating minds.

I think that service and integrity is more powerful in the long term. Sometimes it might take years to convince someone but if you manage to gain someone's trust in a powerful way you might have it for life. There is also something else that a young salesman's training course might discuss. It is about getting to the "MAN" -so what is the man?

1. Money

2. Authority

3. Need

If you don't have all three you can't sell anything immediately because you need someone to have enough money to buy your goods and services, they also need to have the authority to make the purchase and you have to think about whether they need those goods or services right now.

I could go on but that would be too much for most. At the end of the day a salesman has to produce results. A good salesman will be a person who is hard working. He will have an interest in what you are selling and will probably think about the products and services in his spare time. A good salesman should be loyal to his employer and the employer should not cheat him out of commissions no matter how large they might become. If you have managed to convince a powerful salesman to work for you and remain faithful, then maybe you too are a great salesman!